A Tale Of Two Governors And Gun Control

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is throwing some cold water on the idea of more gun control laws in the state after a GOP-controlled state Senate committee approved a truly bizarre bill that requires gun owners to fill out a government form, have it notarized, and keep it indefinitely whenever they sell a firearm from their private collection. The bill also requires background checks be performed for every private sale of a firearm at a gun show, and DeSantis says he’s not sure the bill’s needed.

DeSantis appeared skeptical of the proposal to close the gun-show “loophole” by requiring background checks and a three-day waiting period for firearms sold at gun shows, saying screenings are already being performed by “anyone selling firearms at any of those tables.”

“So, when they say that to me, I don’t really know what it is. I know there are talking points, but the fact of the matter is that anyone who is selling firearms is going to have to do background checks, unless it’s just a private sale. But you’re not going to have a table at a gun show on a private sale,” the Republican governor told reporters Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is expressing skepticism about Virginia gun owners lawfully carrying during next week’s Lobby Day, when tens of thousands are expected at the state capitol. Northam’s declared a temporary emergency and banned guns from the capitol grounds. Northam’s also added to the chaos by allowing a single entrance to the capitol grounds that will have to funnel the thousands of attendees inside.

We compare and contrast the two governor’s on today’s Bearing Arms Cam & Co., as well as cover an armed citizen story out of St. Louis, a recidivist report and armed citizen story from Texas, and a woman’s lifesaving efforts in LaGrange, Illinois.

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On tomorrow’s show we’ll have the latest 2A news out of Virginia, including reaction to the governor’s capitol gun ban. Thanks as always for watching, listening, and spreading the word.