A Lobby Day Wrapup and SHOT Show Preview

I’m in Las Vegas for the 2020 SHOT Show, but I spend a good part of today’s program looking back on Monday’s Lobby Day at the state capitol in Richmond, Virginia. I’m joined by Stephen Gutowski of the Washington Free Beacon, who was also in Richmond for Monday’s incredible show of support for the Second Amendment.

Stephen and I talk about what and who we saw there in Richmond, as well as where the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement goes from here.

One of the things both Stephen and I picked up on yesterday was the optimism of the crowd on hand. This wasn’t an angry mob, despite their resolve to oppose Ralph Northam’s gun control agenda and the disrespect with which many Democrat lawmakers have treated them. I believe one reason we saw such a positive atmosphere is because this was the first time many of these Virginians have had a chance to meet their fellow 2nd Amendment supporters, at least beyond their county supervisors or city council meetings. There was and is genuine excitement surrounding the movement that these Virginians are creating, and I think the excitement and energy is spreading to other states as well.

Also on today’s show you’ll also get Gutowski’s take on the Las Vegas Strip at 7 a.m., industry expectations for 2020, and more, so be sure to watch the entire interview. I’ll be doing Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co. from SHOT Show the rest of the week, and we’ll have lots of coverage here at Bearing Arms as well.

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