Meet The "Pew Pew Jew" Arming Folks With Facts

It’s another edition of Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co. from the 2020 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and my guest today is Yehuda Remer, also known as “The Pew Pew Jew.”

I first met Yehuda at the NRA Annual Meeting a few years ago, and I’ve followed his journey over the last few years as he first dipped his toes into the waters, and then plunged into the world of Second Amendment activism. Remer’s first project was a book about gun safety designed for children, and since then he’s published four more books, but he’s also become a vocal advocate for members of the Jewish faith to arm and train themselves amidst a rise in anti-Semitic attacks.

It’s a fascinating conversation with a really good guy, so make sure you check out the whole thing above. We’ll have more shows from SHOT coming up on Thursday and Friday, and more coverage from the show hear at Bearing Arms throughout the week.