Texas Church Hero Fights Back Against Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Agenda

Jack Wilson, the church deacon who shot and killed an attacker at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas in December, is now taking a vocal stand in opposition to Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign and anti-gun activism.


Speaking at a church safety seminar in Hurst, Texas on Sunday, Wilson advocated for other houses of worship to have an armed security team in place, but warned that if Bloomberg gets his way, armed parishioners won’t be an option for those who want to protect the flock.

“If we were operating under Bloomberg’s position, we wouldn’t have had any guns in there,” Wilson said in an interview. “The outcome would have been extremely more severe than it was.”

Wilson said the attacker, who police identified as 43-year-old Keith Thomas Kinnunen, had seven more rounds in his shotgun and three more in his pocket.

“Mr. Wilson certainly acted bravely, but the killer had a history of violence and mental health issues and under Mike’s plan, he would never (have) had a gun,” Elizabeth Lewis, a spokeswoman for his Bloomberg’s campaign, said in a statement Monday.

That’s just a flat-out lie, frankly. Even in Mike Bloomberg’s New York, criminals can still get ahold of guns. In fact, it’s easier for them to do so than it is for the average New Yorker to buy a firearm legally.

As for the suspect in the White Settlement shooting, he had a lengthy criminal history but managed to avoid prosecution on the most serious charges, including illegal gun possession in New Jersey in 2016. Mike Bloomberg’s gun control plans wouldn’t have stopped this guy from getting a gun. Actually prosecuting him for his many crimes would have, because he would have been behind bars instead of inside the West Freeway Church of Christ on that Sunday morning in December.


Despite Elizabeth Lewis’ claim, the only people who would have been disarmed by Bloomberg’s policies were the church’s security team, including Jack Wilson. After all, it was Michael Bloomberg who said in response to Wilson’s heroism that the “average American” shouldn’t be allowed to bear arms in public spaces. In other words, the right to bear arms shouldn’t be treated as a right at all, according to Bloomberg.

I hope Jack Wilson stays engaged and uses his voice even more in support of pro-Second Amendment candidates this election year. The armed citizen who stopped evil in its tracks is a perfect foil to the anti-gun billionaire with his armed security squad, and Wilson’s powerful story can help remind voters that today’s “gun safety” movement isn’t about safety at all. It’s about disarming the American public and turning a right into a privilege to be doled out by guys like Mike Bloomberg.




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