Dems Protest Myrtle Beach Gun Show Ahead of SC Primary

We’re just a few weeks away from the presidential primary in South Carolina, and local Democrats are doing everything they can to remind gun owners and Second Amendment supporters what is at stake in the November elections. Horry County Democrats were outside the Myrtle Beach Gun and Knife Show over the weekend, but they were there to protest, not hunt for bargains.

Rosemary Wolfe, with the Gun Sense Committee of the Horry County Democratic Party, said their issue isn’t just with the gun show itself.

“We want full background checks, extended background checks. We want a ban on assault rifles,” Wolfe said.

She said these are common sense things that need to be done. Wolfe added that she thinks Horry County as a sanctuary city could put guns in the wrong people’s hands.

Common sense has nothing to do with the anti-gun agenda Wolfe was promoting over the weekend. Nor does it have anything to do with public safety.

No, the South Carolina Democrats who were protesting the gun show in Myrtle Beach were there for one reason: to attack the right to keep and bear arms, and it sounds like actual attendees and vendors were well aware of the threat posed by the Democrats’ anti-gun agenda.

Back inside the gun show, Cormac Arms and Outfitters co-owner Douglas Kahn said they want gun safety too.

“We also offer safety classes and training classes so those people know how to handle a firearm and know how to safely use a firearm,” Kahn said.

Wolfe, however, said she has concerns.

“What I really fear is more mass shootings and incidents that come right here to South Carolina,” she said.

Why does Wolfe think that additional gun control laws are the answer? After all, we’ve seen plenty of violence in places with the gun control laws she wants already on the books, and they’ve done nothing to prevent killers from using firearms in the commission of their acts of wanton violence.

I suspect that Wolfe hasn’t done a lot of deep thinking on this issue, but is instead parroting the talking points from the national party and the anti-Second Amendment candidates who are running for president. I suspect this was also an attempt by local Democrats to scuttle a proposed Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution that will soon be up for a vote in the county.

Horry County Council approved the first reading of the ordinance. It must go before two more readings.

If approved, the ordinance would protect the rights of residents to bear arms and ensure they would not have to comply in the event state or federal government officials try to take their guns.

During the council meeting, those for and against the ordinance spoke up.

“I’ve been here for 90 years. I haven’t spent any time in jail, haven’t been arrested, but people want to take my weapon away,” said one Horry County resident.

The Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution will be up for public discussion when Horry County commissioners meet on February 18th. I’m sure that Wolfe and county Democrats will be there to oppose the measure, though I’m guessing they’ll be far outnumbered by residents encouraging their commissioners to back the resolution, just as they were dwarfed by the number of attendees at the Myrtle Beach Gun and Knife Show over the weekend. The anti-gun attitudes on display by local Democrats may be welcomed by candidates like Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, but they’re not finding a warm reception among most residents in Horry County.