Armed Protesters Picket Bloomberg, Campaign Office

Former New York City mayor and current gun control sugar daddy Michael Bloomberg is suddenly under the microscope as the presidential candidate is climbing in the polls and front-runner Joe Biden’s campaign seems to be in a tailspin that may or may not be corrected in the upcoming Nevada caucus and South Carolina primary. Bloomberg’s past comments and attempts to buy influence may be breaking news to a lot of Americans, but gun owners have known a lot of these things for years, and they know what a Bloomberg presidency would mean for their right to keep and bear arms.

That’s why, in two states thousands of miles away from each other over the weekend, hundreds of gun owners turned out to protest Bloomberg and his presidential campaign, and to exercise their Second Amendment rights while doing so.

In Boise, Idaho, several hundred gun owners and Second Amendment supporters greeted the opening of a Bloomberg campaign office with signs and their legally-carried firearms.

The rally was intended to inform Bloomberg and his Boise campaign office officials that the crowd does not support his stance on guns, according to rally organizer and president of ISAA Greg Pruett.

“We are out here today with just over 300 gun owners who wanted to come and exercise their first amendment rights and let Micheal Bloomberg know we don’t like his gun control here in the state of Idaho,” Pruett said. “We are not fans of Michael Bloomberg as a number of groups he has been using to destroy the second amendment.”

No one from Bloomberg’s Boise office was available for comment.

There’s a shock.

Meanwhile, in Richmond, Virginia dozens of Second Amendment advocates peacefully protested outside of a Democrat-run gala on Saturday night, while both Gov. Ralph Northam and Michael Bloomberg were wining and dining inside.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League organized a protest outside the gala in opposition to gun control laws championed by Democrats and Bloomberg.

“Tonight we’re really here just to make sure Bloomberg, in particular, doesn’t ever feel comfortable in Virginia,” Sarah Linden, a Virginia gun owner said. “He’s not welcome here, we don’t need his money. As one of the other protesters said, this is the land of milk and honey, and we don’t need Bloomberg’s money.”

The two groups in America who may despise Michael Bloomberg the most at the moment are Second Amendment supporters and Bernie Sanders supporters, and yes, I’m aware that there’s a small amount of overlap in those two groups. In fact, I’m thinking about casting a vote for Bernie Sanders in Virginia’s Democratic primary on March 3rd, so technically I might soon be a member of that small slice of the Venn diagram, though I intend to vote for Donald Trump in November (with Vermin Supreme currently running in second place in my own personal polling).

Bloomberg’s not dropping out any time soon, or at all. He’ll take it to a contested convention if need be and buy off enough delegates to take the nomination. That means there’ll be plenty of more opportunities to protest, and it’s likely that it won’t just be gun owners protesting the anti-gun billionaire’s campaign. I see lots of opportunities to talk with those on the Left about why Bloomberg’s gun control policies are just as harmful as his abuse of stop-and-frisk and other authoritarian measures, and maybe change a few hearts and minds on the issue. The Second Amendment isn’t just a right of the Right, after all, and our rights will be in much better shape when a majority of both parties stand opposed to turning a right protected by the Constitution into a privilege granted the government.