Teens Charged With Murder After Home Invasion Leads To Self-Defense Shooting

Two teenagers in Enid, Oklahoma are facing murder charges in a home invasion robbery that left one suspect dead. The pair aren’t accused of pulling the trigger, but rather engaging in criminal activity that directly led to the death of Ezavier Condit.


19-year old Damon Lee Robinson and 17-year old Rico Lamar Stennis are accused of breaking down the front door of a home along with Condit back on January 31st. The trio were apparently unaware that one of the women inside the home was armed, and she was forced to defend herself from the intruders. According to police, at least two of suspects had actually tried to break into the home the day before as well.

The woman said there was a knock at the door, and her roommate answered to a young man asking if “Aunt Marie” was there, according to the affidavit. She said her roommate shut the door, and a few seconds later the door was kicked open. She said there were two people during the first burglary.

The woman said the second time three people kicked in the door, according to the affidavit. She said she and her roommate were on the couch, and she was armed with her pistol. She said when the first kick happened, her roommate ran toward the bedroom and she ran toward the door.

The woman said she was not familiar with handguns, so she made a motion with her hands as if she was working the slide on a semi automatic pistol, according to the affidavit. She said she did this and fired one round while standing in her doorway.

She said she worked the action again as she was stepping out of the doorway and fired a second shot, according to the affidavit. She said the three were running north and she worked the action again, firing a third shot at the three who still were running. She said there were two running fast and one running slower. She said she did not think she hit any of them.


According to police, the woman in question works for a marijuana farm nearby, and police believe the woman was targeted at least in part because of social media postings featuring medical marijuana products and large amounts of cash that were filmed at her home. Text messages from Condit to a 14-year old girl shortly before the home invasion took place indicates that the trio were hoping to rob the victims of two pounds of marijuana.

Under Oklahoma law, valid holders of medical marijuana cards can possess, purchase, and carry firearms lawfully. However, it’s still illegal under federal law to do so, which means while the victim in question won’t be facing any state charges for acting in self-defense, it’s entirely possible that the U.S. Attorney’s office could pursue federal charges against the woman. We’ll try to keep our eyes on this story and bring you any updates as they become available.


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