Bloomberg's Gun Control Groups Endorse Joe Biden

No surprise, especially given the fact that Michael Bloomberg himself endorsed Joe Biden when he suspended his presidential campaign, but the Bloomberg-founded and funded Everytown for Gun Safety officially announced that Biden’s their guy with an endorsement on Monday.

Joe Biden has received the endorsement of one of the nation’s largest gun control advocacy groups, Everytown for Gun Safety, in the latest sign that Bernie Sanders’ spotty record on guns may be weighing him down in the presidential primary.

Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund plans to spend $60 million on electoral activities this cycle, some of which will go toward trying to elect Biden. An Everytown spokesman said the group typically airs advertisements and engages in grassroots organizing for the candidates it endorses, though it’s unclear when the group will begin to spend on Biden’s behalf. The group, which was co-founded by billionaire former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, also boasts 6 million supporters and more than 375,000 grassroots donors, numbers that could help boost attention and support for Biden’s presidential bid nationwide.

With all due respect to the Associated Press, the odds of Everytown endorsing Sanders over Biden was about as high as Marianne Williamson’s odds of winning the Democratic nomination. It simply wasn’t going to happen. The entire reason Michael Bloomberg jumped in to the race was his concern that Sanders would win the nomination, but it was Sanders’ socialism, not his “spotty” gun control record, that worried Bloomberg.

The $60-million that Everytown plans on spending this election should worry gun owners, because it’s really only the tip of the iceberg. Bloomberg has said he’s keeping his own presidential campaign staff in place through November to support the eventual nominee as well. I’ve seen a lot of folks argue that Bloomberg’s flameout is evidence that his spending did him no good, but that’s not exactly true. His massive ad blitz took him from about 5% to 20% in most polls of Democrat voters, but once they saw him in person during the Las Vegas debate, they didn’t like what they saw. The advertising campaign worked for him. It’s Bloomberg himself who couldn’t seal the deal.

So, Bloomberg’s spending could very well have an impact, not just on the presidential race, but on dozens of down-ticket races as well. Everytown says it will spend nearly $10-million to try to flip the Texas statehouse by targeting suburban districts (much as the group did in Virginia in 2019), and they only need to pick up nine seats to hand control of the Texas House of Representatives over to anti-gun Democrats.

Bloomberg the candidate was a joke. Bloomberg the billionaire backer of politicians is not.