MI Man Who Confronted Biden On Guns Speaks Out

Jerry Wayne is the name of the man who confronted Joe Biden at an auto plant under construction in Michigan on Monday, delivering some tough questions to the Democratic front runner about his plans for a ban on some of the most commonly owned firearms and magazines in the country, and on Tuesday morning Wayne was on Fox & Friends to talk about why he thought it was important to speak up when he had the opportunity.

Wayne said that while he didn’t think Biden’s use of profanity was something to beat the candidate up about, he could have “curbed what he said a little bit.”

“Yeah, I thought I was pretty articulate and respectful. I didn’t try to raise any feathers and he kind of just went off the deep end,” Wayne explained.

“I mean, I guess technically speaking he can say whatever he wants,” Wayne conceded. “But, he was the vice president. He wants to be the president now. You are a candidate. You work for the American people. And, if you can’t understand that then you don’t deserve to have a leg in this race.”

Wayne – who declined to say who he plans to vote for in November – said it was an “absolute privilege and an honor” to be the voice of America on guns.

“This is a right that we need to protect with our heart and soul,” he concluded. “It’s not to be infringed.”

On social media, Biden’s supporters are claiming that gun owners are offended by Biden’s profanity, but I think that’s far less of an issue than Biden’s unwillingness to admit that his plans are in fact meant to diminish the Second Amendment rights of Americans. Instead, Biden’s still claiming that he supports the Second Amendment, when a look at his actual agenda imposes sweeping new federal laws aimed at legal gun owners, while offering states federal money to put even more gun control laws in place as well.

Jerry Wayne told Fox & Friends that he didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2020, and declined to say who he plans on voting for this year. He didn’t come off as a kook or a nut on Fox, though there are plenty of Biden surrogates who are trying to make him out to be some sort of villain for asking a candidate some pointed questions. He told me when I briefly spoke to him on Wednesday that the response to his conversation with Biden has been pretty overwhelming, but I hope that he’ll be able to join me on Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co in the days ahead to talk more about Biden’s inability to address Wayne’s concerns and the freakout that ensued when Wayne was able to talk to the candidate.

Frankly, Biden needs to be facing more tough questions like this, but the coronavirus has given him an excellent opportunity to stay away from any impromptu encounters with voters who might put him on the spot by asking about things like his proposed federal law that criminalizes allowing a minor access to a firearm, even for self-defense, or his plan to give states federal funds to implement draconian gun licensing programs that would turn a right into a privilege. That means it’ll be up to the media to ask these questions, and they’re not about to give Biden a hard time for his position on gun control.

Chances are Jerry Wayne asked Biden the toughest question of the campaign season, at least until the debates in the fall. For that, gun owners should be thankful, but we should also be mindful of Biden’s answers. In between the profanity and the verbal gaffes was a promise to come after the firearms and magazines owned by tens of millions of Americans, and to turn us into felons if we don’t comply.