Gun Company Now Offering 'ANGRYJOE-14' Lower Receiver

South Carolina’s Palmetto State Armory is having a little fun with Joe Biden’s meltdown in Michigan earlier this week when he was questioned about his plans for a ban on so-called assault weapons and “high capacity” magazines.

The firearms manufacturer is now selling an “ANGRYJOE-14” stripped lower receiver that features several jibes at the anti-gun candidate.

You’ve got your “Dog-faced ponysoldier” reference (actually, two of them), and a couple of Biden-centric options for your fire selector. For $49.99, it’s an attractive option for any gun owner who wants to laugh at Angry Joe and exercise their right to keep and bear arms at the same time, though with an 8-10 week delivery date, by the time the lower arrives Biden will likely have made several other bizarre statements about our Second Amendment rights.

I do hope that the gun company can find a way to get one of these to Jerry Wayne, the Michigan man who questioned Biden and drew his angry response. Wayne kept his cool as Biden lost his, threatening to slap Wayne and bloviating about his support for the Second Amendment (which is apparently contingent on his owning a couple of shotguns and the fact that his son hunts).

Under Biden’s plans, lower receivers like this one would be illegal to sell online, along with ammunition and other gun parts. It’s just a small portion of Biden’s anti-gun agenda, but one that would have a big impact on the nation’s legal gun owners. Of course, Biden would also ban outright the continued possession of lower receivers like the ANGRYJOE-14. Under his plan, owners of so-called assault rifles would be required to either try to register their firearms with the BATFE under the National Firearms Act, hand their firearms over in government-sponsored “buybacks,” or become a felon.

Biden claims that this doesn’t amount to gun confiscation, even though it would turn millions of Americans into criminals for simply maintaining possession of the guns and magazines they already own. To Biden, this is simply “reasonable” and “common sense” gun safety, but to gun owners, it’s an outright infringement on their right to keep and bear arms. No amount of finger-pointing or profanity on Biden’s part can change the fact that he wants to outlaw the most commonly sold rifle in the country today, as well as make it a federal felony to possess an unregistered ammunition magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition. There’s nothing reasonable or common-sensical about his anti-gun agenda.

Biden’s going to help sell a lot of guns before he officially gets the Democratic nomination in June, and I’m guessing that by the time he gives his acceptance speech in Milwaukee, there’ll be a lot of ANGRYJOE-14’s in the hands of American gun owners.

Jan 19, 2022 12:30 PM ET