Criminal Charges Dismissed Against NJ Gun Owner Roosevelt Twyne

Great news out of New Jersey, where attorney Evan Nappen has announced that all criminal charges against his client Roosevelt Twyne have been dismissed.

Twyne had been charged with unlawful possession of hollow point ammunition (Hornady Critical Duty) and unlawful transport of his handgun while driving home from work.

This was welcomed news for Mr. Twyne who has been suspended from his Armored Car Security Guard job since his arrest.  Mr Twyne expressed his extreme gratitude in thanking all those who have supported and donated to his case, making his fight for justice possible.

This is fantastic news, and I suspect a big reason that the charges were dropped was because of the media attention brought to the case by Nappen. I’m pleased that Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co. was first to interview Nappen about his client, and helped get the word out about the injustice that Twyne was facing. As we reported at the time, Twyne was (and is) a legal gun owner and possessor of a license to carry in New Jersey who was facing multiple felonies for having his legally owned firearm and company-issued ammunition.

None of that mattered when Twyne was stopped by police in Roselle Park, New Jersey back on February 8th just a block from his home, allegedly for having illegal window tint on his vehicle. When Twyne informed the officers that he was a concealed carry holder and did, in fact, have his firearm on him, police searched him and ultimately arrested him on two felony charges; possession of hollow-point ammunition and illegal transportation of a firearm.

Senior Associate Louis Nappen, Esq., added, “We now fight to get Mr. Twyne’s firearm returned, licenses protected, and reputation restored. This includes fighting the tinted windows motor vehicle offense, which is known to be used as a pretext excuse for motor vehicle stops.”

​Evan Nappen, Esq., stated, “His case has focused national attention of the injustice of New Jersey firearm laws. This highlights the need to reform New Jersey gun laws to stop turning honest citizens into criminals.”

As Louis Nappen notes, now that Twyne’ no longer facing criminal charges, he should be able to return to work as an armored car guard, but first he’s going to need to have his gun returned to him. Hopefully the police in Roselle Park, New Jersey respond quickly and appropriately in returning Twyne’s legally owned handgun to him so he can start to put his life back in order.

There also needs to be a serious reckoning in Roselle Park over what happened. The mayor of Roselle Park said just a few days ago on Facebook that he stands fully behind the actions of the officers who arrested Twyne, though I wonder if he’ll back off now that the charges have been dismissed.

Mayor Signorello claimed that Twyne’s arrest was “appropriate”, and stated that Twyne’s carrying of his firearm was “inconsistent” with the laws of New Jersey.

“Mr. Roosevelt Twyne was arrested on February 8, 2020 for carrying a firearm in a manner inconsistent with the laws of the State of New Jersey following a lawful motor vehicle stop in the Borough of Roselle Park. Although Mr. Twyne held a SORA (Security Officer Registration Act) Card for his profession; the laws of this state are clear that while driving with such a weapon, it must be stowed away separate from his person and remain unloaded. Neither of which were the case in this incident.

Plain and simple, Mr. Roosevelt did not follow the law. Our Police Department acted appropriately to keep our community safe. The second amendment simply allows for “a well-regulated Militia”. I support the well-thought out and mindful gun laws in the State of New Jersey, and if you are going to own a firearm in my Borough then you must follow those laws.”

Roosevelt Twyne did follow the law. It’s pathetic that the mayor of Roselle Park sought to convict Twyne before prosecutors had even decided what to do with the case, but it’s a demonstration of just how hostile some politicians in New Jersey are towards the right to keep and bear arms. Signorello claims the Second Amendment simply allows for a “well-regulated militia.” I would encourage him to go and read the Heller decision, because he’s spouting off nonsense by ignoring the fact that the courts have determined what we all know is true; the right to keep and bear arms is a right of the People. The arrest of Roosevelt Twyne was an injustice. Thankfully it won’t be compounded with a prosecution. Congratulations to Roosevelt Twyne, Evan Nappen, Louis Nappen, and all those who helped to achieve this outcome.

Nov 26, 2021 10:30 AM ET