Gun Control Advocates Plead: Now's Not The Time To Buy Firearms

Of course, for gun control advocates, there’s never a good time for you to purchase a firearm, but Igor Volsky of “Guns Down” and Dr. Joseph V. Sakran of Johns Hopkins are out with a new op-ed telling Americans that, while they’re rushing out to horde toilet paper and hand sanitizer, they should be staying far away from the country’s gun stores.

In their piece, the pair claim that pro-Second Amendment voice and organizations like the NRA are “exploiting” the coronavirus panic to “help grow profits further.”

Last Friday, the National Rifle Association sent out an inflammatory “national alert” to its millions of members warning that “anti-gun extremists” in Champaign, Illinois, are using the emergency “to quietly pass and implement gun control schemes.”
Later that day, the city, which had issued an emergency declaration related to the coronavirus, issued a statement to respond to “false claims” about its order, pointing out that “there is currently no firearm ban and no intent to seize property or close businesses.” A lawyer for the city said that using these powers would require city council approval.
And independent gun sellers on have begun selling a variety of guns with sales pitches like “Corona Virus preparedness kit,” “Coronavirus panic killer!,” “Coronavirus Zombie Protection.
Let’s get real. The emergency order signed by the mayor of Champaign, Illinois does give the mayor the authority to ban and the transfer of everything from food to firearms, even if the city says the mayor could only do so with city council approval. When Volsky and Sakran downplay the significance of these types of orders, or the closing of a gun store because the mayor of San Jose, California says it’s a “non-essential” business, they’re ignoring the very real reasons why so many Americans are buying firearms for the first time.
As for the independent sellers, those names are clearly an attempt at dark humor, not an attempt to exploit the coronavirus pandemic.
The gun and ammunition rush could lead to a spike in firearm suicides and domestic violence incidents, however…
And, so, if the best way to stop the coronavirus pandemic is to listen to the guidance of health professionals and scientists, then Americans must also tune out the grifters who are using this crisis to sell more firearms and embrace the overwhelming and conclusive science around the dangers of gun ownership.
If you’re looking to protect your family, continue to buy food and basic essentials as needed, not guns and ammunition — and then stay home.
Volsky and Sakran are correct to be concerned about an increase in suicides related to the coronavirus and the economic impacts that are already being felt, but they’re off-base in making it a gun issue. Non-gun suicides have been increasing in this country as well, and it’s vitally important that all Americans, not just gun owners, are able to get the help they need right now. If you’re feeling depressed or suicidal, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. It’s also okay to let others know that you’re struggling with depression or feelings of despair right now. You are not alone, and there are lots of people out there who want to help.
The pair are completely out of touch, however, when they tell Americans to remain disarmed during this state of emergency, and Americans don’t seem to be paying them much mind. As we reported, the NSSF says the NICS system saw a 300% spike in background checks on March 16th, and some states have been reporting an even higher surge in sales.