NJ Gun Store Now Offering Home Delivery Of Ammunition

A New Jersey gun store owner is now offering home delivery of ammunition to legal gun owners in the state, after Gov. Phil Murphy declared that gun stores and ranges must close, ending sales but not demand for firearms and ammunition. Derek Pitera, the owner of SC Arms in Spotswood, New Jersey, said the governor’s order will “put a hurt” on his business, and he was looking for a way to keep some generating some cash while supporting people’s rights to keep and bear arms as well when he stumbled on to the idea.


Pitera tells Bearing Arms that he was doing some research into the governor’s order, and realized that while “non-essential” brick and mortar stores have been ordered shut, online sales and deliveries are allowed to continue. Pitera says he and his employees can legally deliver ammunition to any resident with an FID card, and can conduct the sales without any person-to-person contact.

Even before the governor’s order to close his store, Pitera was practicing safe social distancing at his Spotswood, New Jersey location.


However, that wasn’t enough for New Jersey’s anti-gun governor, so now Pitera is getting the word on social media out about his new Uber for ammo delivery system.

“The response has been insane,” Pitera told Bearing Arms, and noted that he’s getting orders from across the state. Unlike your local pizza place, SC Arms will deliver anywhere in the state of New Jersey, though you may be paying a little bit more in delivery fees depending on how far they have to drive.

“We’re going to keep delivering until he run out of ammo,” declared Pitera, though he quickly noted that at the moment, he still has a constant resupply coming in, though quantities are limited because of the sky-high demand around the country. Pitera says he hasn’t heard of any issues with factories having to shut down because of the coronavirus, though he said he’s hearing rumblings within the industry that components are becoming a little more scarce to find domestically. At the moment, he says, production is still running full scale, it just can’t keep up with consumer demand.


I think Pitera’s idea is a brilliant one, and I hope gun stores in Pennsylvania and New York follow suit. California gun owners are out of luck, given the fact that all ammunition sales in the state now require background checks, but both Pennsylvania and New York are still allowing deliveries of goods during the state of emergency. As Pitera says, not only would this be a financial lifeline for many gun shops, it would help ensure that residents can protect themselves if need be during the current crisis.

Meanwhile, if you’re a current gun owner in New Jersey in need of some ammunition, you can reach out to Pitera and SC Arms at 732-425-4996 to schedule a delivery.

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