Detroit Armed Citizen Fights Back Against Armed Robber

In the best of circumstances, it’s unlikely that a police officer will be by your side if you’re ever the victim of a violent crime, and these are clearly not the best of times that we’re living in at the moment. Detroit, Michigan’s police department has been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus, with 14-percent of officers currently under quarantine and a rise in violent crime on city streets.

From April 1 through Tuesday, there were eight homicides and 27 nonfatal shootings in Detroit, according to police department data. Last year, the city averaged about five homicides and 15 shootings per week.

Year-to-date, there have been 67 criminal homicides in Detroit — a 68% increase over this time last year — and 173 nonfatal shootings, up 37%.

“We’ve been relatively quiet the last couple days, but we had a spike during the weekend that was troublesome,” [Chief James] Craig said. “We’re going to address that.”

In the first weeks after Michigan’s shelter-in-place order was handed down, the city actually saw a decline in violent crime, but Chief James says that as the weather has warmed up, “young people started congregating, and there were some problems.” The city’s top cop says he’s shifted about 80 officers from special units to street patrols, but violent criminals may still feel emboldened by decline in officers on the streets.

Now more than ever your safety is in your own hands, which is why I’m so grateful that the intended victim of an armed robbery on Detroit’s west side was able to defend himself over the weekend. From the Detroit News:

A man who allegedly approached another man and pulled a gun on him late Sunday night on Detroit’s west side was arrested at a hospital after he recovered from gunshot wounds, police said.

At about 9:30 p.m., police say the 28-year-old suspect approached a 23-year-old man and pulled a gun on him. This took place in the 19200 block of West McNichols, west of the Southfield Freeway.

But the victim has a concealed weapons permit holder, police say, and he pulled a gun of his own and shot the suspect.

It’s a shame, but not a surprise, that violent criminals aren’t sheltering in place at the moment. Thankfully, the 23-year old concealed carry holder who was the intended victim was able to get the drop on his assailant and wasn’t injured in the attempted robbery, and thanks to his poor choices, the suspect in this gets to spend some time in two places you really want to avoid at the moment; the hospital and a jail cell.