New Database Provides Details Of Defensive Gun Uses

Every day on Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co, we feature an armed citizen story from somewhere around the country, and most days I have to decide which armed story I’m going to highlight, because there are several to choose from. We know that Americans are protecting themselves with firearms every day of the week, but it’s hard to get a handle on just how many defensive gun uses are covered in the media.


Well, it used to be hard, but thanks to a new database from the Heritage Foundation, it’s now quite easy to see where and when these defensive gun uses are taking place. Amy Swearer of the Heritage Foundation and the Daily Signal joins me on today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co to talk about the new database and what she hopes gun owners and Second Amendment activists can get out of the incredible information that’s now at their fingertips.

Also on today’s program, we have a story out of Alabama involving a 21-year old who is on the run facing attempted murder charges when he should have been behind bars, an armed homeowner in Toledo, Ohio, and a community that came together to help an Ottumwa, Iowa woman celebrate her 90th birthday.

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