Woman Uses Shotgun In Self-Defense After Ex Breaks Into Her Home

A Texas woman was forced to defend herself after her ex-boyfriend broke into her San Antonio home on Wednesday evening, shooting and killing the man when he forced his way into the bathroom where she was hiding.

KSAT-TV in San Antonio reports that the suspect, whose name has not yet been released by police, was at the house when the woman arrived home. According to authorities, the woman demanded the man leave, and he complied, only to return a few hours later.

According to police, the woman was in the bathroom when she heard the man walking up the stairs and went to grab her shotgun. Moments later, she opened fire on her ex as he entered the bathroom.

He was transported to University Hospital, where he later died.

Police said that the woman had changed the locks to her home and that the man had been texting her all day.

San Antonio police believe the suspect broke a window of the home in order to gain access. Thankfully, the homeowner wasn’t injured by her ex, and authorities say she won’t be facing any charges.

This defensive gun use was one of several in the state of Texas that took place in a period of a little more than 24 hours. On Tuesday evening, a suspected robber was shot and killed in Port Arthur by one of his intended victims.

Port Arthur Police officers were sent to report a robbery in progress just after 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Island Grocery in the 1900 block of South Highway 82 on Pleasure Island, according to a news release from the Port Arthur Police Department.

As officers headed to the store near the foot of the MLK Bridge, they were told that the suspect had left and was last seen driving east along Highway 82, the release said.

Officers spoke to a man and woman at the Island Grocery who told them a man armed with a rifle had attempted to steal their car, police said.

While speaking to the man and woman officers were informed of a shooting about three to four miles away along South Highway 82.

Officers then headed to the scene of the shooting where they found the suspect dead in the street, according to the release.

That suspect, identified as 25-year old Leon Jones III from Opelousas, Louisiana, had apparently tried to rob a couple who were crabbing. Police say one of the intended victims was able to get to his car and retrieve a handgun. The pair fired at each other, and Jones was fatally shot by the legal gun owner, who wasn’t injured in the attack.

A few hours later in Houston, a convenience store clerk shot and killed one of four suspects who attempted to enter the store, which was closed and locked up for the evening.

The clerk was in a plexiglass pod when he was approached by the robbers, police said.

The clerk, fearing for his life, opened fire on the suspects, wounding and killing one of the men, police said. A second suspect ran from the scene while two others drove away in a dark-colored BMW.

Police confirmed that a man was found not far from the scene with a gunshot wound but would not confirm whether or not it was the suspect who ran from the scene. The man was transported to a local hospital.

The clerk was not injured in the incident.

In all three of these cases, the victims could have been injured or killed by their attackers, but thankfully were unharmed because of their ability to fight back in self-defense. While gun control activists are still loudly proclaiming that no one needs a gun, these three victims are alive and well today thanks to the fact that they had one.