Grieving Communities Remember Officer Mike Mosher

I say “communities” because there are more than one group of individuals mourning the death of Overland Park, Kansas police officer Mike Mosher, who was killed in the line of duty while trying to take a hit-and-run suspect into custody on May 3rd. His fellow officers are grieving, as are many residents in the city that he served, and the Second Amendment community has also come together to mourn Mosher’s death and provide support for Mosher’s wife and daughter. Mike Mosher meant a great deal to every one of these communities, and he will be missed and mourned by thousands.

Mosher’s fellow officers describe him as a guy who was always looking out for others, whether mowing a stranger’s yard or helping friends with home remodeling projects.

An honor guard of officers is tasked with constantly watching over Mosher’s remains until his burial Wednesday.

Tara Williams, a member of the guard, said everyone she’s talked to has a story about how Mosher was there for them.

While most of her own stories are silly, she also recalled how he once came over to her house with a friend to help dig out mud for a day.

“He didn’t just put money where he could because he had it, he also gave his time very willingly,” she said.

She described Mosher as very good at his work and as “very tactically sound.”

“The fact that something like this could happen to him I think could be a wake-up call for others to be more careful and more cautious and maybe be on their game a little bit more,” she added.

On Sunday night, hundreds of Overland Park residents took part in a memorial vigil for Mosher. It’s another testament to how highly regarded he was among the people he served.

Sunday was the first night of “Salute to Blue,” three days of events to memorialize Mosher’s sacrifice to the community and mark the start of National Police Week 2020, a website dedicated to the celebration says.

People lined the streets, while keeping socially distant, as hundreds upon hundreds of police cars took part in a driving vigil for Mosher. Some onlookers said the vigil with police cars from all over the metro area stretched for around 10 miles and took more than 30 minutes to pass them.

Mosher’s friends in the Second Amendment community are remembering him as well. Last week, Stephen Gutowski of the Washington Free Beacon joined me on Cam & Co. to talk about Mosher’s death, and he mentioned a GoFundMe that had been set up to help Mosher’s wife and daughter. At the time, some $36,000 had been raised for the family. Now the Mike Mosher Memorial Fund has reached more than $60,000, with many donations coming in from men and women who have come to know Mike and his wife Corrine over the years.

Mike Mosher was a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, and he was the one who first got Corrine into firearms. From her first concealed carry course, she was hooked, and is now a competitive shooter, firearms instructor, and 2A advocate with the D.C. Project.

“He was definitely like Mr. Mom,” their daughter, Tyler Mosher, chimed in as her mother described her husband’s role looking after the household.

Though she began her career as a music teacher, Corinne Mosher changed course when her husband introduced her to firearms by prompting her to take a concealed carry class in 2010. She gained a new passion that led her to become widely known in the national firearms community.

She’s never met a more supportive spouse than her husband, Corinne Mosher added.

He never tired of his family, or his jokes, she said. While he knew how to take care of business and be serious, he was also a lot of fun.

“We’re grateful for the time with him, because he taught us how to live, how we should be, and he left us making sure we would be just fine,” she said.

In the comments on the GoFundMe page for the Mosher family, Corrine Mosher wrote beautifully and eloquently about the impact that Mike Mosher had on those who loved and respected him. It’s worth reading in its entirety.


As most of you are now aware, my husband Mike was called home on Sunday, May 3rd while serving the community he loved. While we prepare to lay his physical body to rest, I know that his spirit has already begun its eternal watch over us.

I would like to take a moment to convey my family’s and my feelings, emotions, and desire to fulfill Mike’s legacy:

GRATITUDE: It is hard to be grateful in times of hardship. But I am. I am grateful for all the years we had with Mike, all the fun times, the life we built together, and the amazing young woman we raised. I am grateful for who he was, what he stood for, and how selfless he was in following his calling and fulfilling his duty. I am thankful for God’s guidance as I navigate through uncharted territory and discover my purpose, which is to share Mike’s life work and example with the world. I am grateful for all the help and support I have received from friends and family, even complete strangers – all the people who reached out, sent donations, cards, flowers, or simply prayed for our family! I have lost a best friend, but I have gained a community. Tyler has lost one father but inherited an army of mothers and fathers. It is excruciatingly difficult to realize that I will NEVER be able to thank everyone personally who has saved us during this crisis. I pray that God will choose a moment to touch your heart and you will know that it is my love stretching across the distance to find you. Last but not least –I am grateful for Mike’s brothers and sisters who wear uniforms of all colors.

I would like to speak directly to these men and women now. I am a witness to the love which Michael bore for you. Listen to me and KNOW that he is at peace, having fulfilled his earthly calling and sealed up his life’s work with the ultimate sacrifice. He didn’t want to leave, but know that he died in the manner in which he would have chosen for himself. In the arms of his family. Do not think that he is done watching over you. Michael was always on duty. So if your vest ever feels suddenly heavier, it will be because his hand is on your back, reminding you to watch your six. Thank you for fighting for him, now be at peace.

FORGIVENESS: I forgive the shooter – his life was precious too. I grieve for a life so fraught with poor choices and suffering that it couldn’t be saved in this life. To his family I say– I am so sorry for your loss and we share the same pain. I want you to know that I forgive him and pray for him. I’m so sorry for you and I hope you do not suffer any consequences for his actions, which were separate from your own choices.

ACTION: I have learned that God will guide me to drive action and make a difference. I ask all of you to listen to your hearts – you know what right is, how to do right, and how to conduct your life like Mike – with love, kindness, honor, duty, and respect. If you want to help – please THANK A COP, THANK A VET, A FIRST RESPONDER, HUG A LOVED ONE. Our moments here are so precious and life is but the blink of an eye. Be grateful, be eager to forgive, slow to anger, and quick to do right. And please, honor those who selflessly serve!

Mike Mosher will certainly be missed, but he will not be forgotten. As the communities he was a part of mourn his death and celebrate his life, please keep his wife Corrine and his daughter Taylor in your thoughts and prayers.