VIP Gold Live Chat with Cam Edwards And Ed Morrissey - Replay Available

We’ve got a real treat for our Townhall Media VIP Gold Members coming up this Wednesday at 12:30 Eastern. I’ll be sitting down with my friend Ed Morrissey from HotAir for a live chat with members, and you’ll get to decide where the conversation takes us.

There are plenty of 2A stories to discuss, from the upcoming special session in Virginia to the “multi-headed monster” of COVID-19 and civil unrest that’s leading to sparse shelves at gun shops around the country, and Ed has been doing a fantastic job of covering the attempts to defund police in Minneapolis, though as he points out, the city’s police department may accomplish that feat before the City Council does. Nearly a quarter of the police department’s 850 officers have retained the services of an attorney specializing in disability cases as they seek to leave the force. Both Ed and I are paying close attention to the 2020 election, from the presidential contest down to congressional races, so if you’re curious about a particular candidate or campaign, Wednesday afternoon will be a great opportunity to get some insight and analysis.

The live chat will begin at 12:30 eastern, and you’ll be able to access it live from this post. If you can’t tune in to the live stream for some reason, it will also be archived and available on-demand for our VIP Gold subscribers. If you’re not yet a VIP Gold member, now’s a great time to sign up! In fact, if you use the promo code LOYALTY you can get 25% off of your membership, which also gives you access to exclusive commentary, analysis, blog posts, live chats, and more at Townhall, HotAir, RedState, Bearing Arms, PJ Media, and Twitchy. It’s a great deal, and all of us greatly appreciate your support for the work we do here.

A replay of today’s chat is available below.