VIP Gold Live Chat- Ed Morrissey, Julio Rosas, & Cam Edwards - Replay Available

Coming up Wednesday at 12:30 pm Eastern, we’ve got another great live chat scheduled for our VIP Gold members. HotAir’s Ed Morrissey and’s Julio Rosas will be joining me as we take your questions about whatever is on your mind. There are plenty of 2A topics to discuss; the surge in violent crime in Democrat-controlled cities, the increasingly violent protests in places like Portland, record high gun sales, the short supply of ammunition, and the 2020 election to name a few.

The chats that I’ve done with Ed and Julio in the past have been a lot of fun, and between the three of us, we’ve got a pretty good
handle on all of the news of the day, as well as tomorrow’s headlines. You’re in charge of the agenda, however, so if you want to ask Ed about “Die Hard” being a Christmas movie, or you’ve got a question for me about proper beard maintenance, here’s your chance.

You can access the live chat here, and if you can’t take part while we’re actually live, you can always access the replay on demand as long as you’re a VIP Gold member. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can get 25% off by using the promo code LOYALTY.

I really appreciate all of our VIP Gold subscribers, and thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to spend some time with the readers, viewers, and listeners who help to support the work that we do here at Bearing Arms.