Anti-Gun Activists Salivating Over Prospects of Biden/Harris Presidency

While Joe Biden’s campaign has been leading most polls, the former vice-president doesn’t seem to be generating much genuine excitement, even among supporters. With the addition of Sen. Kamala Harris to the campaign, however, at least one group of voters is cheering: gun control activists.


Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group Everytown for Gun Safety quickly shot out a fundraising email to supporters calling the Biden/Harris ticket an opportunity to elect “the strongest president and vice president for gun safety in American history.” Of course, Everytown’s idea of gun safety is “don’t own a gun,” and if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have their way, that’s exactly what they’ll demand of Americans who choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

A puff piece by Marie Claire‘s Rachel Epstein highlights some of the extreme positions taken by Kamala Harris during her brief presidential campaign, though of course for Epstein the anti-gun agenda of the Democratic ticket is nothing more than “common sense” gun safety regulations.

Now that we have an official selection, it’s time to get to work and focus on where the candidates stand on key issues, starting with gun control.

Luckily, Harris has made her position on the gun control debate clear. During her presidential campaign last year, Harris declared that she would sign an executive order “mandating background checks for customers of any firearms dealer who sells more than five guns a year,” per the New York Timesif Congress didn’t take action within the first 100 days. She also stated that she would close the boyfriend loophole and ban assault weapons, and fugitives would not be allowed to purchase any handgun or weapon.

Since making those statements, she has remained consistent on her stance, and emphasized that it’s possible for citizens to keep their Second Amendment rights while also passing effective gun control legislation that could save millions of lives. (For the record, she’s a gun owner.)


I love that last aside. Yes, Kamala Harris has said that she owns a gun. So what? As we’ve reported here at Bearing Arms, while Harris may have a firearm, she doesn’t think you have a right to own one. For the Biden/Harris campaign, gun ownership is a privilege to be doled out to a select few, not a right of the people that shall not be infringed. Under the Biden/Harris gun control agenda, Americans would be prohibited from possessing the most commonly sold rifle in the United States (unless they paid a special tax and registered their firearm with the federal government ), would be forced to apply for a permit to exercise their Second Amendment rights, and would be banned from buying ammunition online, to name just a few of the draconian proposals put forth by the Democrats.

These proposals wouldn’t save “millions of lives” as Marie Claire‘s Epstein claims. Instead, they’d turn tens of millions of law-abiding gun owners into felons for simply maintaining possession of the firearms that they currently own, and they’d throw up numerous roadblocks in front of anyone who hoped to exercise their Second Amendment rights for the very first time.

A Biden/Harris administration wouldn’t just target gun owners. It would also go after the firearms industry by encouraging junk lawsuits designed to bankrupt companies by trying to hold them accountable for the actions of criminals. The results, if successful, would cripple the firearms industry, but would do absolutely nothing to go after criminals who use guns in the commission of violent crimes.


In fact, the entire Biden/Harris anti-gun agenda is aimed squarely at legal gun owners, while offering scant support for efforts to enforce existing laws. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are intent on banning their way to safety, but if they end up in the White House the American people and their Second Amendment rights will be far less secure and safe. It will be the criminals who’ll be breathing a sigh of relief, not good people in bad neighborhoods or those who own a firearm to protect themselves and the people they love.



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