2020 Election Pits "Rage Moms" Against "Defense Moms"

Democrats are increasingly pinning their hopes for a Joe Biden victory on “rage moms,” a group of voters that the New York Times describes as “a political uprising, built on the anger of women who find themselves constantly — and indefinitely — expected to be teacher, caregiver, employee and parent.”


According to the Times, women have reported participating in protests at nearly twice the rate as men since 2018, and a Kaiser Family Foundation Poll conducted in June of this year found the same is true for moms with children in the home.

Now, the rage moms are railing in Facebook groups about school shutdowns and in teacher union meetings about reopening without proper protection from the virus. They’re also packing virtual town halls with frustrations about schools, child care and the lack of leadership.

“There’s nobody giving us solutions,” said Kim Lopez, a mother of three in Glendale, Ariz., and part-time financial assistant, who is still unsure what her children’s schooling will look like this year. Ms. Lopez said she never considered herself political until this summer, when she brought her children to a small Black Lives Matter protest in the Phoenix suburbs. “It’s as if they don’t care what happens to families.”

Ms. Lopez is exactly the kind of voter Democrats hope will push them to victory in November, and they are aiming to turn that frustration with government inaction into a vote against Mr. Trump.

The problem with this is that many of the moms who might be filled with rage these days happen to live in cities and states that have been controlled by Democrats for decades. Take the “Wall of Moms” in Portland, Oregon, for example. Sure, they’re angry anti-Trump voters, but they’re also critical of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Oregon Governor Kate Brown, both of whom are Democrats.


I have no doubt that “rage moms” are real, but the New York Times fails to take note of its counterweight: “defense moms.” According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, as many as 2-million Americans have purchased firearms for the very first time since January of this year, and a good number of them are women of voting age. They might be just as concerned as the “rage moms” about their job security and how they’re going to juggle supervising their kids’ online education while working, but they’re also gravely concerned about the sharp increase in violent crime in many Democrat-controlled cities, as well as the seemingly unending political violence on the streets of New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Portland, and a host of other cities that never seem to make the national news.

You probably didn’t see anything about the twelve people, including Antifa members, who were arrested in Richmond, Virginia this past weekend, for instance, but I guarantee you that lots of moms in the state are aware of the continued unrest, particularly if they’re the mom of a student at Virginia Commonwealth University in the city’s downtown area. I know a couple of moms of students who are terrified that their child is going to be harassed or assaulted by those intent on causing trouble, and they blame Gov. Ralph Northam and Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney far than they do Donald Trump.


These defense moms may not be Donald Trump’s biggest fans, but they know that the increased violent crime, civil unrest, and attempted crackdowns on the Second Amendment that we’re seeing in Democrat-run states and cities would be magnified a thousand-fold by a Biden/Harris administration. Rage moms may show up to the polls on Election Day intent on voting out Donald Trump, but they’ll be answered by defense moms who are equally as determined to protect themselves and their loved ones from those who want to turn the entire country into one big Portland or Seattle.


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