2A-Loving Union Members Reject Biden's Campaign Pitch

2A-Loving Union Members Reject Biden's Campaign Pitch

Remember Jerry Wayne? He’s the union member from Detroit who confronted Joe Biden about his supposed support for the Second Amendment during a campaign stop in Michigan back in March of this year. When Wayne accused Biden of “actively trying to end our Second Amendment right” and “take away our guns,” the Democratic candidate said that Wayne was “full of ***t” and declared “I support the Second Amendment.”

Sure thing, Joe. That’s why your own campaign website declares that you believe the Second Amendment is “limited,” and your new “Sportsmen and Sportswomen for Biden” group says that you’ll protect the Second Amendment rights when it comes to “hunting and sporting” but makes no mention of self-defense at all.

Well, Joe Biden was back in Detroit on Wednesday, and Jerry Wayne was there as well, though he didn’t get any face time with the Democrat this time around. Instead, Wayne was outside of the campaign event attempting to talk with Biden supporters (with limited success).

As a consolation prize, Wayne joined me on today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co. to talk about this week’s campaign stop, Biden’s courting of union votes, and why Wayne believes that plenty of union members will be voting against the Biden/Harris campaign come November.

As Wayne notes, there are lots of union members who are gun owners and strong Second Amendment supporters. While Wayne acknowledges that for many of his friends and co-workers, their first priority is keeping the union strong, he points to the fact that under the Obama/Biden administration, many autoworkers were sent home during the Great Recession a decade ago. Under the Trump administration, Wayne says that many of these same workers have been on the job and even earning overtime, despite the economic damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdowns.

It’s one reason why he believes Biden’s messaging isn’t resonating with many of the union workers he knows, and why the Second Amendment may play an outsized role in how they vote come November. Be sure to check out the entire interview with Jerry in the video window above, and follow him on the socials @JerryWayneAR14.

Also, stick around after the interview for even more news, including an armed citizen story from Baltimore, Maryland and a good deed of the day from Orlando, where an 18-year old victim of a hit-and-run helped save the life of the driver who caused the crash.