Texas Gun Store Owner Shoots Would-Be Robber

You’ve gotta be a special kind of stupid to decide it’s a good idea to rob a gun store in broad daylight. Unfortunately for the rest of us the world is full of stupid people, including four of the dimmest bulbs in the Lone Star State who thought that Mike’s Gun Room in Richardson, Texas would be an easy target.


In theory, perhaps they were right. 77-year old Mike Brown runs the gun shop, and he’s usually by himself. 4 young guys against one old man? What could go wrong?

Plenty, as it turns out, at least for the criminals. Brown says the four guys who came into his store posed as customers at first, but then pointed a gun at his head and demanded he get down on the ground. Richardson thought quickly, and acted as if his heart was giving him trouble. Announcing that he needed to get his pills, he instead went for his gun.

Brown says the men started to leave by the time he grabbed his gun, so he pointed it at the only person still inside.

“I told him to stop,” he said. “He turned around and I saw he had one handgun in his hand when he turned around.”

Brown shot the man in the shoulder. He fell to the ground outside while his accomplices drove off. Police arrived, and he’s now in custody at a hospital.

“I would not say it’s very common during the day like the situation here,” said Sara Able with the ATF Dallas Field Division.

I’m glad Brown is okay, and it’s even better that police were able to arrest one of the four robbers. Unfortunately the other three got away, and they took an estimated 50 stolen guns with them.


“I’m sorry I had to shoot somebody, but — better than Plan B,” Brown said, referring to the possibility of him being shot.

The marine and Vietnam veteran who says he is used to high-pressure situations has a message for the ones who got away.

“Don’t come back,” he said. “I’ve got more ammo.”

With all due respect to Mr. Brown, he might want to get an extra employee as well. Another set of eyes and ears in the store would be a good thing, especially since local media were quick to report that Brown is usually alone inside the gun shop. I worry that other criminals may decide that, despite what happened the last time Brown was robbed, they could pull off a heist without any of them going to jail, the hospital, or the morgue. It would be smart for Brown to have some backup just in case more dumb criminals get the not-so-bright idea to pay a visit to to Mike’s Gun Room.



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