Police: Woman Shoots, Kills Boyfriend After Hours Of Abuse

A woman in western Pennsylvania says she was forced to shoot her boyfriend after he held her against her will and repeatedly assaulted her over a period of several hours this weekend. The woman, whose name has not been released, called 911 just after 5 a.m. on Saturday, telling dispatchers that she had shot the man and then fled her home. When police arrived at the home a short time later, they found 24-year old Nigel Broadus dead from multiple gunshot wounds.


Police said the abuse started around 2 a.m. Saturday, when the 28-year-old woman was repeatedly assaulted and held against her will for about three hours. During the assault, police said, Mr. Broadus threatened to kill her and began looking for her legally purchased firearm that she kept in the house.

Broadus was allegedly looking for the gun, but the woman grabbed it first. As Broadus once against approached her, she fired several shots before fleeing and contacting police.

Authorities in Allegheny County say they’ll present their evidence to the district attorney to see if charges are warranted, but the woman was not arrested at the scene. If her story checks out, there’s no way that prosecutors will bring charges, because this would be as clear-cut a case of self-defense as you could possibly find.

This latest incident is just one of several recent self-defense stories involving women who were able to protect themselves or others thanks to their lawfully-possessed firearm. In Mesa, Arizona a woman who was home alone was able to fend off an intruder armed with a knife after he allegedly threatened her and refused to leave the residence.

The woman told police that she was working on yard work when she heard a loud noise from inside her home. When she went to check it out she discovered Jones in her home armed with a knife. Jones threatened her with the knife before she shot him once in the chest.

Jones was taken to a hospital. Once discharged he was charged with first degree burglary and aggravated assault. In addition to these charges, Jones also had two outstanding arrest warrants according to police.


In Spanaway, Washington, a 78-year old woman ended up holding a would-be burglar for police after she caught him trying to break in to her home.

The woman, who goes by Sandy, knew something was wrong when her dog, Booboo, started barking Sunday night.

“I opened my door, and standing right 2, 3 feet in front of me was a man. We looked at each other for a few seconds, and he turned and started to leave. And I said, ‘Oh no, you don’t. You stay right there!’” she said…

“I reached over and got my shotgun. And I cocked it, and I told him to stay right there,” she said. “Told him to go sit on the steps. I followed him out, and I just stood here with the shotgun waiting for the police to come.”

It was Sandy’s first time using the shotgun, which she got years ago to protect her family as a single mother. She was initially “scared to death” while holding the intruder at gunpoint.

“But then I was totally calm, really and truly. I thought, ‘This is amazing!’ I said, ‘You know, I’ve got grandchildren your age!’”

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, women currently make up about 40% of gun buyers this year, and with the group estimating that 5-million Americans have purchased firearms for the first time since January, that translates to as many as 2-million women who’ve become new gun owners in 2020. That’s bad news for gun control groups like Moms Demand Action, who routinely ignore these cases of women acting in self-defense, but it’s good news for everyone who believes that self-defense is a human right. .




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