Crime Author And Biden Backer Claims #NoOneWantsYourGuns

You may know Don Winslow as the author of some decent crime novels, but he’s also a big backer of Joe Biden and a huge fan of gun control. In fact, he’s such an enthusiastic supporter of gun control that it’s ridiculous to think of him acting as an unofficial campaign surrogate tasked with convincing gun owners that a Biden/Harris administration would pose no threat to their Second Amendment rights.


Winslow, after all, has said he wouldn’t argue with describing the NRA as a “domestic terror organization”, and while he says the War on Drugs has been a failure, he believes that a War on Guns would somehow have a more successful outcome.

Yet Winslow is now being hailed by the pro-Biden press for his supposed “mythbusting” of the idea that Joe Biden wants your guns. From the Huffington Post:

Trump has repeatedly ― and falsely ― claimed that Biden will abolish the Second Amendment and take away everyone’s guns due to the former vice president’s support for the basic gun control measures backed by nearly two-thirds of Americans. But as Winslow pointed out, it’s an allegation the right has used against Democrats for years, and one that doesn’t stand up to the facts:

What are the “facts”? In his ad, Winslow doesn’t even mention any of Joe Biden’s gun control plans, which are right there on his campaign website. Instead, the entirety of his argument is that Republicans said Barack Obama was going to go after your guns, he didn’t, so therefore Biden’s not going to go after your guns. Seriously. Watch for yourself.
Not a word about Biden’s actual plan for so-called assault weapons and “large capacity magazines.” It’s estimated that there would be more than 20-million firearms that would qualify as “assault weapons”, and tens of millions of ammunition magazines that would be considered “large capacity,” and the tens of millions of Americans who legally own them would be given a choice: hand them over to Uncle Joe’s agents, pay $200 per item for the privilege of registering them with the government, or face a ten year federal prison sentence for doing nothing but keep the guns and magazines in your possession.
That sure sounds to me like Joe Biden wants at least some of my guns, and if I’m not willing to hand them over then I’d better be willing to fork over some cash in order to keep them instead. Oh, and I have to tell the government that just banned these guns that yes, in fact, I do own a few. I’m also supposed to believe that at no point in the future would the ban be expanded to include those registered “assault weapons” that I paid to keep.
Don Winslow’s a pretty good fiction writer, but he’s a hack when it comes to trying to credibly suggest that with Joe Biden, your guns are safe.
Oh, and as for Obama coming after our guns? It wasn’t that he didn’t try. He just failed, and Biden would love to succeed after his old boss couldn’t get it done.

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