A Malarkey-Filled "Fact Check" Of Biden And His Gun Ban Plan

Of all of the developments in social media this election cycle, the emergence of supposedly neutral “fact checkers” has been the one that annoys me the most. In many cases the fact check is anything but neutral, and the fact checkers themselves are regularly substituting their own opinion to try to explain away truths that are inconvenient to the Biden/Harris campaign.


The latest example of this comes from a USA Today fact check entitled “Biden did tell a Detroit worker ‘Im not working for you’ during gun rights argument.”

Nothing wrong with the headline, as that’s exactly what happened back in March when Biden got into an argument with Detroit auto worker Jerry Wayne about Biden’s plan for a gun ban. The problem lies in the fact-check itself. “Yes Biden said that,” writes Ella Lee, “but context is missing.”

In March, Biden got into a heated exchange over gun rights with a factory worker at an auto plant in Detroit, USA TODAY previously reported.

“You’re working for me, man,” the worker told Biden.

“I’m not working for you,” Biden said. “Give me a break, man. Don’t be such a horse’s a–.”

But the conversation between the two before those words were exchanged provides additional context to the quote in the meme.

As Biden was making his way through a crowd of workers at the Fiat Chrysler plant, one person stopped him and accused him of “actively trying to end our Second Amendment right” and “take away our guns.”

The former vice president told the worker that he wasn’t accurately describing his stance on gun control, calling him “full of s—.” An aide seemingly attempted to curb the conversation, at which point Biden appeared to shush him, as seen in a video of the encounter recorded by CBS News.

Biden explained his stance on the Second Amendment, comparing its limits to those on the First Amendment right of free speech. He also said he owned shotguns and that his sons hunt.
Amazingly, while Lee says that Biden’s statement about not working for Jerry Wayne needs additional context, she provides no context at all for Wayne’s claims that Biden would take people’s guns.
Lee quotes Biden as saying he’s not interested in gun confiscation, but Lee’s fact check never once refers to or details Biden’s plan for a ban on so-called assault weapons, under which legal gun owners would be required to hand over their banned firearms to the federal government in exchange for some sort of cash stipend or pay a tax on each firearm and register them with the government under the National Firearms Act.
I’m sure that Lee doesn’t consider that to be gun confiscation, but millions of legal gun owners would disagree.
I’d say that detailing Biden’s gun control policies provide pretty important context for both Biden’s comments and Wayne’s assertions, but that’s nowhere to be found in the USA Today piece. Instead of providing all of the pertinent facts to readers, Lee’s piece chose to provide cover to the Democratic candidate by dodging a real discussion about what his gun ban entails.

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