Cyber Monday Stocking Stuffers For 2A Fans

Looking for some affordable gifts or stocking stuffers for the gun owners in your life? We’ve got you covered with some great gift ideas that won’t break the bank this holiday season, from hunting accessories to gun cleaning tools to some fun and unique gadgets that are perfect for fans of the Second Amendment, personal preparedness, hunting, and more.


Tipton Pistol and Revolver Snap Caps – Every gun owner should have a set of snap caps, which come in a variety of calibers and allow users to practice dry-firing their handgun without doing damage to the gun itself. While a set of snap caps can be found for around $15, if you’re willing to shell out $100 for an upgrade, you can also pick up a LaserLyte laser trainer with a built-in snap cap that will allow you to get the most out of your dry-fire exercises by seeing exactly where your shot would have hit. With ammunition hard to come by these days, this is a great way to be able to regularly train with your gun without burning through ammo that you might not be able to easily replace.

Primos 372 The Third Degree Xtra Loud Cottontail Predator Call by Randy Anderson – You can spend a fortune on electronic game calls, but this old school coyote lure can bring in predators for less than $20 by simulating the sound of a cottontail rabbit in distress. In most states, you can hunt coyotes year-round with a hunting license, and you may even find local land owners who are happy to let you hunt on their property for predators that can wreak havoc on their livestock.

MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader – If you’ve ever struggled with getting those last couple of rounds in your pistol magazine, a speedloader is an absolute must-have. This is a great little tool that makes loading magazines a breeze, and MakerShot offers speedloaders in a variety of calibers and magazine sizes, so make sure that you pick the right speedloader from the options available.


American Standard – Bullet Poster – The perfect decoration for a gun room, man cave, or the wall above your reloading bench. The 36 x 24 poster features life-size comparisons of all major modern rifle, shotgun, and handgun calibers and is both visually appealing as well as incredibly helpful. You can also pair the bullet poster with this print of a visual history of firearms for even more Second Amendment goodness.

No Step On Snek Hoodie – Some memes have a shelf life of just a few hours, while others are eternal. This take off on the Gadsden “Don’t Tread On Me” flag never fails to make me smile, and I’ve actually got this on my own Christmas list this year. In sizes up to 2XL.

Real Avid The Pistol Tool – 19-in-1 Pistol Multitool – A handy little multitool for handgun owners, this pocket-sized multitool features Allen wrenches, gunsmithing bits, a bushing wrench, pin punch, scraper, metal file, and even a 3″ blade. Throw this in your range bag or keep it on hand and you’ll be equipped to deal with almost any issue that might come up with your everyday carry gun or any of your other pistols.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter – Not exactly Second Amendment-specific, but still a great stocking stuffer for hunters, hikers, and those who love the outdoors. The LifeStraw personal water filter can filter up to 1,000 gallons of contaminated water without using chemicals or any moving parts, and according to the manufacturer removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites. I bought one for each of my kids a few years ago, and they’re still in regular use on hiking and camping trips.


The one drawback to the personal water filter is that it doesn’t allow you to take water with you, but if you’re willing to spend a little more you can solve that problem with the LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles, a 22 oz water bottle with a Lifestraw water filter built in.

We’ll be featuring more gift ideas in the coming days, but hopefully there are at least a few items on this list that will help you find the perfect stocking stuffer for your gun owning friends and family members this holiday season.

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