Five Range Bags Great For Gear On The Go

By all accounts, the millions of new gun owners across the country aren’t just keeping their new firearms locked up at home. Concealed carry applications are soaring nationwide, and gun ranges are full to capacity (in some cases, limited, of course, by gubernatorial edicts). It’s great that so many gun owners are getting out and shooting, but chances are quite a few of them could use a good range bag for their guns and gear. Who knows, you might even be in the market for one yourself!


Regardless of who you’re shopping for, we’ve got five picks for range bags that are durable, versatile, and won’t cost more than the guns they’re transporting.

Tacticon Double Rifle Bag While most of the range bags will be taking a look at are pistol-only, Tacticon’s double rifle bag can actually hold two long guns in addition to two pistols. There are several outside pouches to hold magazines and extra ammunition, along with eye and ear protection and a removable shooting pad. The rifle bag can also be carried by hand or worn as a backpack, and is made in the USA by a veteran-owned company.

Savior Equipment Specialist Series Handgun Firearm Case  There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles here, but if you’re just bringing a couple of handguns with you to, say, a concealed carry course or a shooting league, this soft pistol case is a perfect choice.

I don’t want to undersell this case, however. The Specialist is big enough for two full size handguns and six additional magazines and also has an outside pocket that’s large enough to store eye and ear protection. You won’t have much room for extra ammunition beyond what you can pack into your magazines, but if you don’t need the extra ammo this is a practical and affordable option for a quick trip to the range.


Orca Tactical Gun Range Bag Large enough to hold three handguns with plenty of room and storage compartments for targets, magazines, boxes of ammunition, safety equipment, and even a sandwich for lunch. Orca Tactical’s range bag also features lockable zippers on the side pouches and a wider carrying handle, and each bag comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Case Club Tactical Pre-Cut 4-Pistol Backpack with Rainfly & Molle Straps For the longest time I preferred to carry my range bag, but this backpack-style range bag may have changed my mind completely. As the name makes clear, Case Club’s tactical range bag comes equipped with a foam cradle that holds four full-size handguns, two side pockets that are large enough to hold a total of six magazines, and plenty more storage for eyes and ears, extra ammo, and targets.

Case Club’s range bag also features a pull-out rain cover to protect your gear in inclement weather, and the built in Molle straps allow you to attach even more gear to the outside of the bag. The gun compartment also comes with lockable zippers to help keep your guns secure.

G.P.S. Tactical Range BackpackOur last pick features three pistol storage cases that are completely removable from the bag itself. Each storage compartment is large enough for a full-size handgun and four additional magazines, so if you’re only heading to the range for a short time and don’t want to bring along your entire pack you don’t have to. Pockets are marked for ear protection, safety glasses, tools, targets, and more, and the bag also includes a pull out rain cover as well as a drop flat front pocket that provides a small surface to clean or do a quick repair on your pistol while you’re at the range.


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