VIP Gold Live Chat - Ed Morrissey & Cam Edwards - REPLAY AVAILABLE

We have a ton to talk about from a Second Amendment perspective this week; the latest on the investigation into the shooting death of Casey Goodson, Jr., the Supreme Court passing up a felon-in-possession case, New Jersey’s Attorney General launching a stealth attack on gun manufacturers, the ATF’s raid on Polymer80 and the crackdown on so-called ghost guns, as well as the rumors of Joe Biden’s shortlist for Attorney General to name just a few topics.

That’s enough for an hour all by itself, but Ed will have a few topics in mind as well, I’m sure. And of course, the great thing about the VIP Gold live chats is that it’s ultimately you who’s driving the conversation, not Ed or me.

The live chat will appear here at 1:30 p.m., and if you can’t catch the chat live you can always watch it on-demand afterward (another cool perk for our VIP Gold members).

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I really do appreciate the VIP Gold members and our VIP members here at Bearing Arms, and these chats are a fantastic way for us to connect, so I hope that you’ll be able to join us this afternoon for what promises to be a lively and fast-paced conversation.