Loeffler Slams Warnock As "Most Radical Anti-Gun Candidate In America"

Objectively, I’m not sure that Kelly Loeffler’s latest dig at Raphael Warnock and views on gun control are entirely accurate. There are plenty of other Democrats like Warnock who’ve also embraced an anti-gun agenda, and Warnock’s fellow Democratic senate nominee Jon Ossoff has actually been a little more vocal about his support for a ban on so-called assault weapons. Is Warnock really the “most radical anti-gun candidate in America” at the moment, or is he just a part of the most radical anti-gun political party in America?


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution covered Loeffler’s attack on Warnock while also trying to provide some cover for the Democrat himself by downplaying his anti-Second Amendment ideology.

“They want to take away our guns,” she said of Democrats during a Dec. 6 debate with Warnock at the Atlanta Press Club earlier this month. Loeffler mentioned guns or the Second Amendment several times. Warnock did not.

Ahead of the January runoff election, the Warnock campaign has focused instead on criminal justice reform. His website says that if elected, he would work to reduce “senseless gun violence,” but offers few details about how that would be accomplished.

His views do not appear to go further than most Democrats. Loeffler hasn’t offered the support to back up her claim that he’s the “most radically anti-gun in America.”

The paper points out that much of Loeffler’s criticism stems from Warnock’s opposition to a 2014 bill in Georgia that allowed faith leaders to decide for themselves if they wanted to open up their sanctuaries to concealed carry holders, while trying to deflect from Warnock’s actual statements in opposition.


Many other religious leaders also denounced the legislation, including then Catholic Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory and Rabbi Peter Berg of The Temple synagogue in Atlanta, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

“We reject the notion that more guns held by more people will magically make our communities safer,” Warnock said at the time. That same year, his church held a gun buy-back event to get weapons off the streets, the AJC reported.

The 2014 bill became law despite the objections of Warnock and others, and it hasn’t posed a problem in Georgia in the years since. Warnock, however, hasn’t backed away from his opposition to the right to carry law. Instead, he’s simply trying to duck the issue of gun control as much as possible between now and Election Day on January 5th. His campaign website has no mention of any specific gun control policies, but gun control groups like Everytown for Gun Safety have still endorsed and embraced the candidate, which tells you all you need to know about his views on the right to keep and bear arms.

Instead of the Journal-Constitution downplaying Warnock’s hostility towards our Second Amendment rights, the paper should be trying to pin the candidate down on issues like Joe Biden’s proposed gun ban and compensated confiscation. Warnock may or may not be the single most radical anti-gun candidate in the country, but he’s certainly no friend of the right to keep and bear arms, and if his views on the Second Amendment became law they would make Americans less safe, less secure, and less free.


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