Felon Gets Stolen Gun As Christmas Present

Felon Gets Stolen Gun As Christmas Present

Have you ever completely spaced out on getting a Christmas gift for someone? I know I’ve had my share of Christmas Eve trips to Walmart over the years, and honestly, that would have been a much better choice for Mya Renee Thorpe. Instead of a bottle of cheap cologne or fuzzy pajama pants, the Georgia teenager allegedly decided to do something really special for her boyfriend this year: steal a bunch of stuff, including a gun, and then hand over the stolen goods as a Christmas present.

The 19-year old was busted this week after a 25-year old man told police that she stole his SUV, a handgun, $300 cash, and even his Carhartt jacket from a Rome, Georgia motel on Christmas morning.

There were a couple of problems with Thorpe’s plan, starting with the fact that she allegedly committed several felonies while trying to ensure her boyfriend had a good Christmas. There’s also the issue of Thorpe’s boyfriend, who as it turns out is a convicted felon.

Stephen Lamar Johnson, 33 of Cave Spring, was arrested this week after reports said he was found in possession of a stolen firearm while at a hotel on Martha Berry Blvd.

Reports said that the handgun had been stolen by his girlfriend on Christmas.

Police went on to add that Johnson attempted to hide the gun due to him being a convicted felon.

Thorpe’s present could result in a five year prison sentence for her 33-year old boyfriend, and she now has some legal troubles of her own to deal with. The teen has been charged with felony theft by taking, theft by taking a motor vehicle, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and knowingly providing a firearm to a convicted felon.

I’m not sure how well a defense of “I’m a moron, your honor” is going to work for Thorpe, but that’s probably the best legal argument that she has.

Local news accounts don’t say anything about Stephen Johnson being found in possession of a stolen car; cash; or a nice winter work coat, which really makes me wonder; did Mya Thorpe try to give someone else a stolen SUV on Christmas morning? Did her dad or brother get a spiffy Carhartt jacket? Did Mom get a nice wad of cash stuffed into her stocking?

They say it’s the thought that counts, but I’m not sure that applies in cases where you can’t help but ask “What on earth was she thinking?” Thorpe’s Christmas gift is certainly going to provide a lifetime of memories for herself and her boyfriend, but she would have been much better off just giving her beau a gift card than a stolen gun.