Cowboys For Trump Co-Founder Arrested By FBI

Cowboys For Trump Co-Founder Arrested By FBI

When we last reported on Couy Griffin, the Otero County, New Mexico commissioner and co-founder of Cowboys for Trump, he was planning on traveling from his home to Washington, D.C. for Joe Biden’s inauguration with several of his guns.


Well, that trip isn’t going to happen as he planned. On Sunday evening the FBI arrested Griffin and charged him with taking part in the riot at the U.S. Capitol back on January 6th.

According to court documents, Griffin told investigators that he was “caught up” in the crowd, which pushed its way through the barricades and entered the restricted area of the U.S. Capitol, but he said he did not enter the building and instead remained on the U.S. Capitol steps.

A video posted to Griffin’s personal Facebook page shows Griffin in the restricted areas, according to the affidavit.

Griffin did not immediately respond to phone or text messages seeking comment.

The affidavit also quotes a Facebook post by Griffin in which he said he was going to return to the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 20 for a potential “2nd Amendment rally” that would include “blood running out of that building.”

Griffin didn’t threaten any violence last Thursday when he informed his colleagues on the Otero County Commission of his plans to visit D.C. for Biden’s inaugural, though he boasted about ignoring the District’s draconian gun laws.

“I’m gonna be there on Jan. 20 … and I’m gonna take a stand for our country and for our freedoms,” Griffin said. “I’m gonna leave either tonight or tomorrow. I’ve got a .357 Henry Big Boy rifle lever action that I’ve got in the trunk of my car and I’ve got a .357 single action revolver, the Colt Ruger Vaquero that I’ll have underneath the front seat on my right side and I will embrace my Second Amendment.

“I will keep my right to bear arms. My vehicle is an extension of my home in regards to the constitutional law and I have a right to have those firearms in my car.”


Not according to the laws in Washington, D.C., and while I’d love to see those laws challenged, Griffin wouldn’t exactly have made for the strongest test case. Then again, based on Griffin’s social media posts, he may not have been interested in challenging the District’s gun laws in court.

It looks like it’s a moot point at the moment, since Griffin is in federal custody, at least temporarily.

So Griffin was arrested in Washington, D.C., not New Mexico, but it remains unclear whether the Cowboys for Trump co-founder actually followed through on his intent to bring guns with him. At the moment I can’t find any charges filed against Griffin for violating the District’s gun laws, only the charge related to the Capitol riot on the 6th.

As for Griffin’s boast that rioters will return to the Capitol for Biden’s inauguration, we’ll see if that comes to pass. With nearly 100 individuals arrested and charged so far in the January 6th riot and Washington, D.C. on a near-total lockdown near the Capitol and many federal buildings, my guess is that Griffin isn’t going to see many of his erstwhile allies in town on Wednesday.


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