Mom Home With 8-Year Old Child Shoots, Wounds Home Invader

Mom Home With 8-Year Old Child Shoots, Wounds Home Invader

A bold attempt to invade a Sugar Land, Texas home early Friday morning didn’t end well for a 21-year old man, who ended up shot by a woman in the house he was targeting.

According to authorities it was around 4:30 Friday morning when 21-year old Santana Anthony Hudson tried to enter a home in the Sugar Mill neighborhood. Inside the house, a woman and her 8-year old were fast sleep, but the woman told police she woke up to the sounds of Hudson trying to get in through a back door.

She grabbed her gun and went to investigate, only to find that Hudson had broken a window and was trying to crawl inside. That’s when she fired at least one round from her handgun, striking Hudson in the chest.

The man fled the scene, going less than a block away through neighbors’ backyards, but responding officers managed to track him down because of the trail of blood he left behind, KHOU 11’s Michelle Choi reported.

The woman told police she didn’t recognize the suspect.

Police said they are reviewing surveillance video from the area to make sure no other suspects were involved.

Mother and child are both okay, while it looks like Hudson may recover from his injuries. He’s currently facing charges of burglary of a habitation and unlawful carrying of a weapon, though police haven’t specified what kind of implement the 21-year old had in his possession when he was found by police.

This isn’t the only home invasion thwarted by armed citizens in recent days. In rural Kentucky, a 28-year old man was shot and killed after residents returned home and found him inside.

Kentucky State Police investigators responded to the home and discovered a male had been shot. According to a press release from KSP, the initial investigation indicates Bradley Johnson, 28, of Olive Hill, was unlawfully inside the residence of Lyndon Holland, an altercation ensued and a firearm was discharged, resulting in Johnson suffering a fatal gunshot wound.

Johnson was pronounced deceased at the scene by Magoffin County Coroner’s Office.

Magoffin County Deputy Coroner Brian Parker told Mortimer Media, “After forcing entry, he demanded their belongings and money and there was an altercation. Mr. Holland was assaulted by Mr. Johnson.

He then walked around the corner of his SUV, grabbed a Ruger .22, and fired one time in the air. He asked Mr. Johnson to please leave the property, but Mr. Johnson then grabbed a hammer and came around the front of the vehicle, threatening his life. He then fired and shot Mr. Johnson in the chest, single shot, and killed Mr. Johnson.”

According to the coroner’s report, Johnson had punched Holland in the face during the altercation prior to Holland getting a gun out of his vehicle. Multiple shots were fired, but only one shot hit Johnson.

According to the deceased’s mother, the 28-year old suspect had a “history of drug addiction and had been in and out of jail for multiple reasons,” including for DUI earlier this month.

While the investigation continues, the Kentucky State Police say they’re treating the case as self-defense and the homeowner isn’t expected to face any charges for defending his wife and himself against Johnson.

Gun control advocates will dismiss these stories as completely unimportant, but try telling that to those who were able to protect and defend their loved ones from the strangers who invaded the sanctity of their homes. I’m glad these citizens were armed. It’s just a shame that they were forced to act in self-defense thanks to the actions taken by the suspects in both cases.