Third Time Not The Charm For Would-Be Carjacker/Home Invader

Third Time Not The Charm For Would-Be Carjacker/Home Invader

A Charlotte, North Carolina man is accused of going on a mini-crime spree in Gwinnett County, Georgia this week, though it was a decidedly unsuccessful venture for the suspect.

According to authorities, 26-year old Lamont Dickerson was responsible for two attempted carjackings and a home invasion in the span of about thirty minutes early Monday morning. Dickerson’s first alleged victim was a man sitting in his car, who told police that Dickerson approached his vehicle and opened the driver’s side door, demanding that the man exit the vehicle.

Instead, the intended victim drove away, leaving Dickerson behind. The Charlotte resident then allegedly approached a woman in her car, only this time he climbed in through the passenger door. Again he demanded the driver exit the vehicle, but when she refused, Dickerson was the one who got out and ran away.

Cpl. Collin Flynn of the Gwinnett County Police told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that officers believe Dickerson next approached a nearby home, where he threw a rock to break a window and allow himself a way inside.

“When he entered the home, he was confronted by an armed homeowner,” he said. “Dickerson fled from the homeowner and led police on a foot chase before being arrested.”

He was taken into custody about 5:30 a.m. Detectives are now investigating to determine a motive for the alleged “crime spree,” Flynn said.

In addition to the home invasion charge and two counts of second-degree hijacking, Dickerson is facing misdemeanor charges of obstruction and criminal trespass.

So far police haven’t announced a motive for Dickerson’s alleged crime spree, nor have they said why the North Carolina resident was targeting individuals in the Atlanta suburbs on Monday morning.

What we do know is that if it weren’t for the armed homeowner, Dickerson’s crime spree might well have continued. He might even eventually have had some success in either carjacking an innocent victim or targeting someone inside their own home. Thankfully, because of that armed citizen, Dickerson’s running tally of attempted carjackings and home invasions was quickly thwarted and police were able to take him into custody.

I don’t know if this story will lead to a huge spike in gun purchases in Gwinnett County, but I suspect there are at least two individuals who are weighing getting a gun and their concealed carry license after Dickerson allegedly tried to hijack their cars for his own personal use. After all, they might not be “lucky” enough to encounter an unarmed carjacker the next time, and having a firearm for self-defense probably sounds pretty attractive to these crime victims at the moment.