VIP Gold Live Chat: Biden Gun Ban, GOP Civil War, & More - Replay Available

A quick programming note for our VIP Gold members: today’s chat will begin at 2 p.m. Eastern instead of our usual start time of 1:30 Eastern. Adjust your schedules accordingly, and if you’ve not yet become a VIP Gold member you now have an extra half-hour to sign up before our weekly live chat takes place.

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We have plenty to discuss today, including:

  • The growing civil war on the Right and what it could mean for our Second Amendment struggles
  • Is Biden backing off his push for a gun ban?
  • Justin Trudeau is moving forward with Canada’s compensated confiscation of firearms
  • Are politicians now scandal-proof?

We always have some great questions from our viewers, and getting to hang out with them and my friend Ed Morrissey for a free-wheeling conversation is one of my favorite hours of the week, right up there with Saturday afternoon range time. I hope you can be a part of the live chat, but if not, it’s always available on demand for our VIP Gold subscribers.