House Dems Eye Wednesday Vote For Gun Control Bills

It looks like we’re headed for a midweek vote on gun control legislation in the House, with Reuters reporting that Nancy Pelosi will bring two bills dealing with background checks to the House floor for a vote on Wednesday. On todays’ Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co, I’m joined by the Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottlieb to discuss the new gun control bills as well as a new federal lawsuit filed by the SAF and the Illinois State Rifle Association that challenges the unconscionable (and unconstitutional) delays in processing and approving concealed carry licenses by the Illinois State Police.

Gottlieb says that the organization has been hearing from quite a few of its members who are vociferously opposed to the anti-gun bills being shepherded through the House by Nancy Pelosi.

“The one that would allow the FBI to not approve a sale for no reason, per se, and just hold it forever; obviously that’s a direct infringement on people’s rights to purchase a firearm,” Gottlieb explains. “And the waiting period that they’re trying to put through has a lot of devils in the details.”

That bill is HB 1446, and would allow the FBI ten days, instead of the current three, to conduct a background check on gun purchases. Even worse, if the agency doesn’t respond within ten days, the seller of the firearm still can’t release the gun to the purchaser. Instead, they would have to formally petition the government (in writing) for permission to complete the transaction. As Gottlieb says, a right delayed is a right denied, and this would absolutely have a chilling effect on the ability of law-abiding Americans to purchase a firearm.

So too would the so-called universal background check bill that’s also expected to get a vote on Wednesday. I asked Gottlieb if he saw a contradiction in the position of Democrats who are complaining about overpolicing and overincarceration while preparing to create a new crime out of thin air; and one that could result in a year-long stay in federal prison for those convicted of transferring a firearm without first conducting a background check.

“There’s a definite contradiction,” Gottlieb replied, “but hypocrisy and contradictions mark what our opponents are all about. None of this surprises me at all. You know, less police on the streets, higher crime, and then they take your right to keep and bear arms away from you so you can’t protect yourself. I don’t understand where they’re coming from, but again, it’s hard to understand crazy.”

It may be tough to understand, but it’s also worth pointing out the contradiction to those Democrats in Congress who want to believe that they can be champions of both gun control and criminal justice reform, when those efforts are at odds with each other. It’s not going to change how they vote, unfortunately, but they should be reminded of their political inconsistencies nonetheless.

Besides, as Gottlieb says, these bills won’t be the last anti-gun measures introduced and voted on this year. If Democrats can find a way to get these bills to Joe Biden’s desk, we know that his gun and magazine ban is sure to follow.

Make sure you check out the entire conversation with Gottlieb in the video window above, and stick around for an armed citizen story from South Carolina, a Florida man arrested for shooting at police while he was out on probation for an armed carjacking, and a Louisiana law enforcement officer who went above and beyond to ensure that a young man received a lesson in real gun safety and training before he heads off to school.


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