Gun-Haters Freak Out Over Roofing Company's Rifle Giveaway

Gun-Haters Freak Out Over Roofing Company's Rifle Giveaway
(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, file)

A Wyoming roofing company says it’s received “hateful, vulgar comments” over its latest promotion, which offers a free AR-15 rifle with the purchase of any new roof. Wiggins Construction, located in Powell, Wyoming, decided to launch the promotion to target the influx of new residents who are fleeing big cities and Democrat-controlled strongholds for a better life in Big Sky Country, but Matt Thomas, who does marketing for the company, says anti-gun extremists from coast-to-coast have been flooding the company with complaints.

As soon as he posted the promotion to the company’s social media page, Thomas said, critical comments and calls came in.


While there were people supportive of the giveaway, the post was shared across the country. He said he got calls from people in Illinois, California and New Hampshire. They left voicemails calling him a “baby killer” and demanding the company stop offering the free rifles.


In defense of the promotion, Thomas said that Wyoming has more guns per capita than any state in the country.


“Last time I checked, I think Wyoming’s the safest state in the United States to live in,” Thomas said.

It’s certainly one of the most freedom-loving states, particularly when it comes to the Second Amendment. Of course anti-gun activists hate that, and it’s a sign of just how unhinged the gun control crowd has become that gun-hating goofballs in places like California and Illinois are more incensed by the roofing company’s promotion than they are about the failures of the draconian gun control laws where they live.

The company did consult with its lawyer to make sure they were conducting the promotion according to the law. Customers must provide proof they’re over 21 and that they’ve never been convicted of a felony. They also have to sign a form saying they’ll abide by all state and federal regulations. Before handing the weapons over, the company will log the gun’s serial number and sign it over to the customer with transfer of ownership documentation.

“You can use this thing for hunting. You can use it for target practice, home defense. You can just hang it on your wall as a wall piece,” Thomas said.

Or you could take a selfie with it, post it on the company’s social media page, and watch the anti-gun activists have another melt down over the sight of an American exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Personally, I’d prefer a year’s supply of 9mm ammunition with every new roof, but the folks at Wiggins Construction are roofers, not miracle workers. It’s still a fun idea and I’m sure it’s getting some positive buzz in Wyoming, particularly now that the company has become a target of anti-gun extremists in California. I don’t know how many new roofs will be sold as a result of the promotion, but at least the construction firm has managed to trigger dozens of gun control supporters.

In fact, if the company wanted to have some more fun, they could offer up a new “Gun Control Package” for customers who think guns are icky; a big sign that says “This home is gun free” with every new roof, a whistle to scare off would-be intruders, and a pair of running shoes to help you flee your home when the sign and whistle fail to ward off any burglars or home invaders.