VIP Gold Live Chat: Ninth Circuit Shenanigans, Iran Hardliners, & More - Replay Available

You won’t want to miss today’s live, interactive VIP Gold chat at 1:30 pm ET with Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey and Bearing Arms’ Cam Edwards! The pair will be taking your questions and comments and giving an in-depth analysis of the top topics of the day.

But today — at your request — we’ll also be joined by a voice on the Left; liberal radio host and good pal Rick Ungar joins us for his perspective!

We’ll have plenty to discuss and lots of time to take your questions. The hot topics include:

  • Chuck Schumer’s lame demagoguery on guns and voting
  • Should we blame the Biden administration for missing its July 4 target on COVID-19 vaccinations?
  • Susan Collins might have torpedoed Biden’s choice at ATF
  • Will Biden bend to Iran’s new hardline president — or keep Trump’s policy in place?
  • The Ninth Circuit’s latest actions in challenges to California’s ban on “assault weapons” and “large capacity” magazines.

The live chat starts at 1:30 ET but if you can’t make it, the chat will be available as a replay for our VIP Gold members shortly after it wraps up.