Armed San Francisco Restaurant Owner Holders Burglar For Police

AP Photo/ Rick Bowmer

Defensive gun uses happen every day in this country, but it’s pretty rare that they make the national news. Since it’s easy to miss these self-defense stories when they happen, here’s a roundup of a few recent armed citizens cases that may have flown under your radar; starting with this story from San Francisco, where a restaurant owner discovered a burglar inside his business last week.


Police were originally called to the restaurant on a report of a prowler, but before they arrived the officers were alerted that shots had been fired. At the restaurant, they found 37-year old Danny Babineaux still inside. In fact, Babineaux was being held at gunpoint for officers by the restaurant owner.

The investigation revealed that the victim, a 66-year-old male, heard noises coming from the kitchen of his apartment, which is located on the second floor. He went to his kitchen and encountered Babineaux who was climbing through the kitchen window. The victim told officers he feared for his safety, retrieved a handgun, and returned to the kitchen. According to the victim, Babineaux was now inside the kitchen, attempted to leave by a rear door but then turned towards the victim. The victim discharged the firearm, but Babineaux was not struck by gunfire.

Babineaux fled downstairs to a common area between a restaurant and the apartments. The victim told him to stop. Babineaux complied and the victim watched him until police arrived.

Given that this is San Francisco we’re talking about, let’s hope that Babineaux is the only one facing charges. It sure sounds like the restaurant owner was acting in self-defense, but you never know what Chesa Boudin, the city’s anti-gun prosecutor, will decide to do with the case.

Another defensive gun use took place in the San Francisco Bay area on Saturday, when a would-be intruder was shot and killed by a home owner in Oakley, California.


An unidentified 25-year-old San Francisco resident had allegedly forced his way into a Blue Heron Court home shortly after midnight, when the 37-year-old home occupant opened fire several times, killing the suspect, police said.

The male was pronounced dead at the scene; he was known to the occupants and had a history of violence, police said in a news release.

Unfortunately we don’t have much more information than the few details released by police over the weekend, but again, this sounds like a pretty clear case of self-defense, especially given the suspect’s violent history.

In Naples, Florida, police are investigating a shooting that took place inside of a gated community on Saturday morning involving a homeowner and an armed intruder.

At around 4:30 a.m., the suspect fired a single gunshot through the front door of an occupied residence in Raffia Preserve, detectives said in a news release. A confrontation between the suspect and an armed resident ensued outside the home, which ended in the resident shooting the suspect.

The suspect was taken to a local hospital, but passed away due to his injuries. Again, police haven’t released much more information than that, though they did say that no arrests have been made and that the homeowner has been cooperative with investigators.

Finally, an attempted carjacking in Tucson, Arizona on Friday ended with the would-be carjacker shot, though in this case police believe the suspect will survive her injuries.


Before the shooting occurred, a woman attempted to carjack the victim, police say. The woman was found with gunshot trauma and was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

There are no subjects outstanding from this incident.

With violent crime on the increase in many cities around the country, you’d think that armed citizen stories like these would receive a little more attention from the media, but even at the local level they haven’t received much coverage. Still, stories like these are important reminders that, even in the most anti-gun localities like San Francisco, there are still plenty of residents willing and able to protect their livelihood and their lives by exercising their right to keep and bear arms in self-defense.

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