VIP Gold Live Chat: ATF, SCOTUS, COVID, & Other Acronyms In The News - Replay Available

After several weeks away, my friend and colleague Ed Morrissey of Hot Air returns to the VIP Gold live chat this afternoon at 1:30 ET.

There’s plenty to discuss, including Ed’s recent absence, but you’ll be the one driving the conversation and discussion. However, there are a couple of issues I expect we’ll address:

  • Is David Chipman’s nomination toast?
  • Are we headed towards another round of COVID lockdowns?
  • The White House War on “Misinformation”
  • Republican lawmakers argue in favor of the right to carry at SCOTUS
  • The fight for Constitutional Carry in Louisiana

And of course, if there’s any big breaking news while we’re in the midst of the live chat we’ll always be able to pivot and pounce on that topic too.

It should be a great conversation, and I’m looking forward to hearing from Ed about his recent adventures. If you can’t tune in live, you can always access the live chat on demand afterwards, but I do hope to see you there when the chat kicks off at 1:30 ET.