VIP Gold Live Chat: Cuomo Quits, Chipman In Limbo, & More - Replay Available

We’ve got a fantastic VIP Live Chat slated for 1:30 ET today with HotAir’s Ed Morrissey and myself. There’s certainly no shortage of things to discuss, from Andrew Cuomo’s surprise resignation, the latest revelations surrounding Biden ATF pick David Chipman, and other big stories:

  • Chicago PD giving the cold shoulder to Lori Lightfoot
  • the return of mask mandates
  • Texas fleebaggers face arrest
  • Strong support for Missouri’s new 2A Preservation Act

And of course, whatever’s on your mind! After all, you’re the one driving the conversation.

You can check out the live chat right here at 1:30 ET, and if you can’t join us while the chat is taking place, it will be available on demand for our VIP Gold subscribers soon after.