Remington, "Rust", and Russia - VIP Gold live chat 1:30 ET - Replay Available

We’ve got a ton to talk about during this week’s VIP Gold live chat with Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey, myself, and our extraordinary Townhall Media VIP Gold members starting at 1:30 this afternoon. Who knows what, if any, breaking news we might be getting out of Ukraine while we’re chatting, but we’ll be there to cover it live as it happens, along with some of the week’s other top topics, like:

  • the settlement between several Sandy Hook families and the insurers of Remington Outdoor Company
  • Alec Baldwin sued by Halyna Hutchins’ family for wrongful death
  • the Louisville gun control activist accused of trying to murder a mayoral candidate
  • mask mandates disappearing from Democrat-controlled cities
  • the life and passing of P.J. O’Rourke

If you can’t join us for the chat as it happens, it’s always available on demand for our VIP Gold members to enjoy at their leisure. I do hope you can spend at least a few minutes with us while the chat is taking place, because getting the chance to interact with the viewers and listeners who support us really does make this my favorite hour of the work week.