Me and Julio down by the VIP Gold live chat - 1:30 ET - Replay Available

Ed Morrissey is off this week, but I’m excited that Townhall’s Julio Rosas is going to be joining me for my favorite hour of the work week starting at 1:30 ET today!

We’ll be talking about whatever’s on your mind, and I’m pretty sure Julio will want to tell you about his new book, but there are plenty of big (and little) news items to kick around, including:

  • the prospects for peace (or at least a ceasefire) in Ukraine
  • will Biden’s loose lips sink ships?
  • the weaponization of the ATF in the new Biden budget
  • why Eric Adams went back on his pledge to carry a gun as mayor
  • the U.S. isn’t the only country seeing increased gun sales

It’s always better when you’re there to interact with us, but I do understand if life gets in the way. If so, you can always check out the chat on demand right here shortly after it concludes, and I thank you again for showing us your support as a VIP Gold member.