NYC subway shooting, Biden's gun control moves, & more - VIP Gold Live Chat - Replay Available

Join Bearing Arms’ Cam Edwards and HotAir’s Ed Morrissey at 1:30 ET this afternoon for a fast-paced and in-depth look at the biggest stories of the day, as well as whatever topics our VIP Gold members want to bring to the table. We’ll be discussing whatever’s on your mind, including:

  • the latest in the shootings in a New York City subway
  • what should we take away from Joe Biden’s latest gun control moves?
  • Constitutional Carry success in Georgia, and defeat in Nebraska
  • Is Mariupol Ukraine’s Alamo?

The live chat kicks off at 1:30 ET, and while we hope you can join us as it happens, if you can’t make it for some reason the entire conversation will be available as an on-demand replay for our VIP Gold members shortly after things wrap up around 2:30 ET.

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