SCOTUS leaks, nuclear options (of the political and military kind), and more - VIP Gold live chat 1:30 ET - Replay Available

Well, there’ll be no shortage of things to talk about on today’s VIP Gold live chat with HotAir’s Ed Morrissey and myself. From the surprising leak out of the Supreme Court to the Democrats’ political and Vladimir Putin’s military nuclear options and plenty of 2A news in between, it’s sure to be a fast-paced hour or so (sometimes we go a little longer) of lively conversation. In addition to the topics above, here are just a few of the things I’m looking forward to discussing with our VIP Gold members.

  • are there any 2A leaves to be read in the Supreme Court’s leak of a draft decision in Dobbs?
  • the Democrats’ civil war erupts anew over calls to abolish the filibuster
  • Ohio’s primary results and what it means for the 2A movement
  • are mass shootings really caused by masculinity?

The live chat will kick off right here at 1:30 PM ET, and I look forward to seeing you there! If life gets in the way for whatever reason, however, know that your presence will be missed, you can always watch the live chat on demand after the fact in the video window above.

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