Left already fundraising off Buffalo shooting

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The odds of any new gun control legislation passing Congress at the moment are slim to none, but that’s not stopping gun control groups and anti-2A politicians from pushing for sweeping infringements on the right to keep and bear arms. It’s also not stopping them from trying to raise money off of last weekend’s shooting at a Tops grocery store in Buffalo, New York. As the New York Post reports, multiple gun control organizations and at least one familiar name in the U.S. House have all solicited cash in the past few days by invoking the murders of ten people and promising that a hefty donation can prevent attacks like this from happening in the future.


Screenshots of fundraising emails sent out by Everytown for Gun Safety, Brady PAC and Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) were shared on social media this week.

“This weekend’s mass shooting in Buffalo is yet another horrifying reminder of how white supremacy is deadly, especially when it’s combined with easy access to guns,” read a screenshot of an email from Everytown for Gun Safety that was tweeted by Second Amendment activist Robert Romano Monday.

“Our hearts are with everyone impacted by the tragic shooting at a Tops supermarket on Saturday. At least 10 people were killed, at least three more were wounded in an act of racist, hate-motivated violence, and an entire community has been forever traumatized,” the message went on before concluding: “We must address gun violence perpetrated by white supremacy … As a movement of millions, we rely on grassroots supporters like you coming together to demand change. Donate today to help us take on armed extremism and work for a future free from gun violence.”

Brady also got involved in the ask for cash, as Romano documented.

And California congressman Eric Swalwell joined in as well, though his email solicitation was focused more on trying to tie Fox News host Tucker Carlson to the attack. The email directed readers to click a button to “CONDEMN TUCKER,” which then prompted them to sign a petition and donate up to $2,800 to Swalwell’s re-election campaign.


In a statement responding to questions from The Post, Swalwell said: “I’m not counting on thoughts and prayers anymore to save my kids and America’s kids from the next mass shooting. I’m working overtime to beat every Republican who sides with mass shooters over our children. And that includes gathering signatures to build an army of gun safety voters. Why didn’t you sign?”

An “army” of gun control voters? Doesn’t Swalwell know how problematic it is to use militaristic terms like that?

I generally just dismiss anything that comes out of Swalwell’s mouth (or any other orifice), but expect to hear more anti-gun politicians echo his statement about Republicans siding with “mass shooters over our children” between now and November… at least until they remember that could open them up to having to explain their position in support of abortion up to the point of delivery, which could get awkward quickly.

I don’t know a single firearms owner who loves their guns more than their children, but I know an awful lot who don’t believe that more gun control is the answer to protecting us from violent criminals who are willing and ready to violate the law. Swalwell’s California has more than 100 gun control laws on the books, and yet violent crime continues to rise across the state, even in the cities that are most hostile to gun ownership.


If restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens was the magic answer to reducing violent crime, California would be the safest state in the nation. Instead, the state with the lowest intentional homicide rate is the Constitutional Carry state of New Hampshire, followed by by the Constitutional Carry states of Maine, Idaho, and Vermont. I’m willing to bet that parents in those states love their kids at least as much as their counterparts in California… and I know for a fact that they’re safer.

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