House holds Guncontrolapalooza while Senate talks reach "critical" stage - Replay Available

I have a feeling about what today’s big topic of conversation is going to be during our weekly VIP Gold live chat with HotAir’s Ed Morrissey and myself. With Senate talks on a gun control package reaching a “critical stage” according to Sen. Chris Murphy and the House set to hold hearings on a number of new anti-gun proposals, my guess is we’ll be spending a lot of time on those topics and some of the other big 2A-related news this week, including:

  • Does Biden want the Senate’s gun control talks to fail?
  • What will a potential Senate deal look like, and will 10 Republicans go along?
  • Is the Supreme Court getting cold feet on the Bruen decision?
  • Matthew McConaughey pitches “gun responsibility” at the White House
  • Where are the 2A groups in the current D.C. debate?

The chat starts right here at 1:30 ET, and if you can’t join us live you can always watch the replay on demand shortly after we wrap up. I do hope you can join us for what promises to be a lively discussion, and if you want to talk about something other than the current push to impose new gun control laws we’re always open to whatever is on the mind of our VIP Gold subscribers.