Detroit firearms instructor bringing 2A teaching to the masses

I’m really glad that Rick Ector of Rick’s Firearm Academy and Legally Armed in Detroit could join me on today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co today, and not just because it gives me a little break from playing armchair attorney and going over one of the many unconstitutional gun laws put in place in blue states since the Bruen decision was handed down a couple of weeks ago. Rick is one of my favorite people, and I’m happy to help spread the word about a fantastic event he’s putting together at the end of this month.


This will be the eleventh consecutive year that Rick and a wonderful team of volunteer instructors will give hundreds of new and would-be gun owners some hands on instruction, and this year’s event, scheduled to take place in Taylor, Michigan on July 30th and 31st promises to be an invaluable introduction to safe and responsible gun ownership aimed specifically at women.

Over the past decade more than 7,000 women have taken part in the event, and Ector is hoping to see at least 1,000 more this year. In order to facilitate this kind of crowd, Ector will be working with two ranges in Taylor (not far from the Detroit city limits) and the aforementioned team of volunteer instructors to ensure that any woman who wants to learn the basics of personal protection can do so, free of charge.

If this year is anything like it’s been in the past, Rick and his friends are going to be awfully busy.

Valerie Rupert raised her right arm, slightly shaking and unsure as she aimed at the paper target representing a burglar, a robber or even a rapist.

The 67-year-old Detroit grandmother squeezed the trigger, the echo of her shot blending into the chorus of other blasts by other women off the small gun range walls.

“I was a little nervous, but after I shot a couple of times, I enjoyed it,” said Rupert, among 1,000 or so mostly Black women taking part in free weekend gun safety and shooting lessons at two Detroit-area ranges.

… For many Black women, it’s about taking care of themselves, said Lavette Adams, a licensed firearm instructor who participated in the free Detroit-area training sponsored by gun advocacy group Legally Armed In Detroit.

“Crime against women is nothing new. Women protecting themselves, that’s new,” said Adams, who is Black.

That’s the premise behind the training that launched 10 years ago with 50 women attending. Last year, more than 1,900 participated, according to Rick Ector, Legally Armed in Detroit’s founder, who says he started it “to bring awareness and training to women who are the favorite preferred targets of bad guys, rapists and killers.”


Honestly, the only complaint I have about Ector’s event is that it’s happening the weekend my wife and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, and I don’t think she’d be thrilled with a surprise trip to Detroit, so I’m not going to be able to make it up there in person. I’ve already told Rick that next year I’m blocking off my calendar so I can finally get a first-hand look at this outstanding effort that’s brought thousands of people together in pursuit of their personal safety.

Those hoping to participate this year can sign up starting July 23rd on Rick’s social media (generally @DetroitCCW) including his Facebook page.

Be sure to heck out the entire conversation with Rick in the video window above, which also includes his personal observations about the lengthy wait times for concealed carry applicants in Wayne County; an issue that was supposed to be resolved with the settlement of a lawsuit against the county clerk. According to Rick the problems are continuing, and we’ll have more on that in the days ahead.

One more note: Rick didn’t say anything about this to me before, during, or after our interview, but I stumbled across a new GoFundMe that he’s set up to help defray the cost of putting on this event. I know times are tight right now, but if you can, I’d encourage you to kick in a few bucks for a very good cause.


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