Bearing Arms VIP: Securing the Second in 2023... and beyond

Bearing Arms VIP: Securing the Second in 2023... and beyond
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With the 2022 midterms mostly behind us and the underwhelming aftermath staring us in the face for the next two years, gun owners and Second Amendment advocates can’t hope that the Supreme Court is going to block each and every attempted infringement on our right to keep and bear arms that’s headed our way. We need to be as engaged and involved as ever, because we have a lot of challenges (and opportunities) in front of us.


As we discussed on today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co, Democrats were able to gain governing trifectas in Minnesota and Michigan this year, and may even be able to claim the same in Pennsylvania. Democrats will keep control of the U.S. Senate, and while their odds of keeping the House are pretty slim it’s still a possibility at the moment. The new year is going to see hundreds of gun control proposals floated at the state and federal level, from bans on commonly-owned firearms and magazines to extensive restrictions on where peaceable gun owners can lawfully carry in self-defense. But we’ll also be watching for new fronts in the Constitutional Carry debate, particularly in Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis has pledged to enact the law before he leaves office. There are dozens of lawsuits making their way through the courts as well, and we could see the Supreme Court take up (or deny) cases dealing with bans on gun sales to adults under the age of 21, magazine bans, “assault weapons” bans, and the Biden administration’s current and future anti-gun executive actions.

In order to bring all of these issues to light, as well as document armed citizen stories, deliver newsmaker interviews on Bearing Arms Cam & Co, and bring you original reporting from the likes of Ryan Petty and John Petrolino (recently named the 2022 Gun Blogger of the Year by the Gun Rights Policy Conference), we need your help to continue our pro-Second Amendment reporting and mission. It’s more important than ever to join our ranks as VIP and VIP Gold members.


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When you support our efforts here through your membership, you’ll not only get exclusive access to reporting and commentary from myself, Tom Knighton, and others, you help us in our war against Big Tech anti-gun media bias. We’re here to report on the issues that impact your right to keep and bear arms and our shared public safety, and with your help we can make sure that the perspective of gun owners and Second Amendment supporters isn’t drowned out by a biased and censorious press.

Our VIP Gold members also get to enjoy our weekly live chat with Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey; hands down my favorite hour of the work week, when we get a chance to hang out and talk about the day’s big stories with our members.

2022 was a pretty great year for gun owners, and even Election Day wasn’t a total wash. We had some important wins to go along with some stinging defeats, and as I said, 2023 offers us opportunity amidst some adverse conditions. With your help, Bearing Arms will be covering all of the highs and lows and providing you with the tools you need to help shape the gun debate in favor of our fundamental right to armed self-defense in the months ahead.


Thanks as always for your support,

Cam Edwards

Editor, Bearing Arms

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