LIVE: ATF goes after triggers, Tucker moves to Twitter, and more - VIP Gold live chat

Join HotAir’s Ed Morrissey and me at 1:30 ET pm as we kick around the day’s top stories (and maybe a few off-the-beaten-path topics as well). I know we’re going to be locked in and targeted on a couple of big 2A news items:

  • ATF knocking on doors over forced reset triggers
  • Will SCOTUS act on Illinois’ gun and magazine ban
  • Sarai Rao wants “white women” to lead the charge to repeal the Second Amendment
  • Why gun control won’t stop mass shootings

I know that Ed and I will both be eager to talk about Tucker Carlson’s move to Twitter, the standoff over the debt ceiling, and of course whatever else is on your mind! The live chat will kick off right here at 1:30 ET pm, and if you can’t join us as it happens, it will also be available as an on-demand replay shortly after we wrap up.

It should be a lively conversation, so tune in and take part because we want to hear what you have to say!